Big Data

Data-Driven Decision Making: More Data for Your Decisions

Operators of telecommunications networks produce a ton of data about service users. Given the digital transformation and data-driven initiatives of business clients, this data can offer insights of great value. When this data is shared, it can open up new revenue opportunities and, if done well, give business decision-making a level of agility that was […]

No One Is After Your Leftover Data

The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices has boosted the amount of data passing through the networks of telecom companies. Telecom corporations must process, store, and analyze the available data. They may become more effective by streamlining the network, bettering the client experience, and strengthening security thanks to big data analytics. According to research, […]

South African Water Crisis Management: Industry 4.0 Solutions

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has brought new intelligent solutions for water crisis management. From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence (AI), these innovations assist in detecting and anticipating ecosystem changes and natural disasters and assessing water wastage. Technology and Water Crisis Management Technology lends a helping hand to every sector it has been introduced to, […]

Which of the Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service, S3, is a cloud object storage service offering world-class services. Data availability, security, and performance. Companies from various scales can use Amazon S3 to store and keep their data safe. Amazon S3 offers management features allowing you to optimize and organize your data. Many myths have been formulated, so which of […]