Which of the Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3?

Which Of The Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service, S3, is a cloud object storage service offering world-class services. Data availability, security, and performance. Companies from various scales can use Amazon S3 to store and keep their data safe. Amazon S3 offers management features allowing you to optimize and organize your data. Many myths have been formulated, so which of the following statement is wrong about Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is Cheap

Amazon boasted its lower price services. The myth is that any startup can fit right in and start using Amazon S3. Snapchat is always thrown around as an example, yet you don’t get to see the complete picture. Snap did allocate almost 2 billion dollars as the budget for the cloud services, Amazon S3, and Google Computer Platform. Other cases can be put on how companies did end up saving money using Cloud services, but considering it as a given, like Amazon is trying to promote it, is faulty. Saving money by choosing Amazon S3 is possible, but not a fact.

It is Always Available

Furthermore, another relative statement, public cloud services are always available. Cloud providers such as S3 poor an immense amount of investment to be able to host data. A complex operation requires high power and cooling and internet connectivity. Such a scale of operations will affect the availability of public cloud services. So no, it is not always available, yet it is still reliable.

Amazon S3 is Only For Storage Purposes

Another addition to the “which of the following statement is wrong about Amazon S3” list is that it is only used for storage purposes. While many cloud storage providers only offer to store data services, S3 is a storing object service. You can store all kinds of things. You can host apps and websites and even analyze big data. Don’t let this Amazon S3 myth limit you from taking advantage of such a system.

Its Either All Your Data or Nothing

Moreover, a common misconception is that you either migrate all your data to S3, or you can never access the goods of it. Nonsense, you can specify data and tasks. It is preferable to have a detailed plan so you can carefully execute it at your own pace that suits your organization better.

Anyone Can Access My Cloud Data

The threat of data breaches and hacks is inevitable. It is an underlining threat that comes with living in the digital era. It often is the tipping point and the main obstacle that pushes users away from cloud services. However, while these fears are valid, they are not necessary. Massive names like Airbnb and Netflix implement public cloud services. Would such companies put their crucial data at risk? Especially when it is painted this drastically.

Additionally, when you store data online, you have the utmost control over who can view the data. Be it from your own company or in general. Permissions can be granted to specific users and employees to ensure better safety for your data. Even Tech-support at cloud services companies does not have access to your data.

The Amazon S3 Bucket

Our final pick for the “which one of the following statements is wrong about amazon 3” list is the portrayal of the S3 bucket as an immune wall protecting your data. The Amazon S3 bucket comes as a default setting when you use S3 services. Granted, you can access it and choose who is eligible to access it. A bucket is a protection tool, but it doe not does the job for you. It will not offer optimal protecion if it is not fully used. Remember that many data breaches happen from human error, password misplacement, and reckless behavior with credentials. Storing passwords on the S3 bucket in clear text proved many companies’ weakest point of security.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, cloud services offer great value and efficient work methods. Ergonomics can benefit massively from Amazon S3. With many myths and statements floating around, is it essential to ask: which one of the following statements is wrong about Amazon S3? Before choosing the product that will be a part of your work operations, you need to study its features and what’s true and false.

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