Cloud Storage

Healthcare Alternative Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic gave the world a lot to think about. The world stopped in its tracks. Everything halted. People remained at home, trying to stay safe. While the world bunkered down, one sector was busier than ever. The healthcare sector did not have the option of stopping everything to process the pandemic. Humanity needed […]

Cloud Bank

The world of finances has seen a technological overhaul. Modern problems require modern solutions. A cloud bank is the updated solution to a chronic problem of what to do with your financial assets, an age-old matter you need to settle down as soon as you strive for financial independence. At this point, it is not […]

Which Of The Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service, S3, is a cloud object storage service offering world-class services. Data availability, security, and performance. Companies from various scales can use Amazon S3 to store and keep their data safe. Amazon S3 offers management features allowing you to optimize and organize your data. Many myths have been formulated, so which of […]

Father of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is reshaping the technology world. A genuinely innovative medium of the computing world, enabling leaps of discovery and innovation. It is easy to forget where it all started when dealing with something of that mass. Let us take a trip to where it all started and meet the father of cloud computing. Who […]

As we bid 2021 farewell, the takeaway from this eventful year is that we should learn to cling to the wave of change that accompanies the human race and, with it, the wave of endless innovations. 2021 came, and along came the never-ending opportunities of financial innovation to evolve as a race and clutch to […]

Apple Turns to Google

In a classical plot twisting manner, a newly published report showed that Big Tech giant Apple resorts to using Google’s server farms to store iCloud Data in a partnership that sees the iPhone maker as one of Google’s largest clients. The report, published by The Information, revealed that Apple entrusts its rival Google with user […]