Palantir Tech Reaffirms Support for Israel on X

Palantir announced that its board of directors will convene for their first meeting of 2024 in Tel Aviv, reaffirming its support for Israel.

On Monday, Palantir Technologies has announced that its board of directors will convene for their first meeting of 2024 in Tel Aviv, reaffirming the company’s support for Israel on X.

Palantir’s first 2024 decision aligns with the company’s previous stances, as expressed by CEO Alex Karp, who has been vocal about Palantir’s pro-Israel position, especially in the wake of the Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7.

Palantir, the U.S. tech giant known for its data analytics capabilities, has a market capitalization exceeding $37 billion and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and has been consistent in its support for Israel.

In a recent panel at the Reagan National Defense Forum, Karp criticized other corporations for their lack of support for Israel, highlighting that only a few companies, including Palantir, openly stood with Israel during the October 7 attack.

The American software company’s stance has led to controversies in other regions, with the most evident one being in the UK.

Two weeks ago, health workers in London protested outside Palantir’s office, demanding the cancellation of a contract between NHS England and a consortium led by Palantir. The contract, valued at up to £330 million ($417 million) over seven years, is for a new data system project. The protest, organized by Health Workers for a Free Palestine, coincided with a three-day strike by NHS junior doctors over pay issues.

The protestors, advocating for “Free, free Palestine,” urged NHS England to revert to in-house data management and end the privatization of NHS services. They raised concerns about the use of NHS resources to benefit private companies like Palantir, especially amidst ongoing financial constraints in the health service.

NHS England has assured that no participating firm in the new data system can access health and care data without explicit NHS authorization. The platform is intended to integrate key information from separate NHS systems to address significant post-pandemic challenges.

The protest in London reflects broader international concerns regarding Palantir’s support for Israel, especially during the recent Gaza war. Palantir CEO Alex Karp, in a letter to shareholders, reiterated the company’s unwavering support for Israel, a stance that has come under scrutiny due to the Israeli military’s actions during the conflict, including attacks on healthcare facilities.

Palantir’s involvement in the Middle East and its business engagements have thus become a focal point of debate, reflecting the complexities of international politics and corporate ethics in today’s globalized world.

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