You’re Being Spied On

Software that can monitor your ‘soft copy’ movements and track your work to improve your productivity as an employee but without your consent

Why Cryptocurrency Will Fail? Why It Won't? 

During the last few years, cryptocurrencies have developed from digital wonders to trillion-dollar technologies with the possibility to disrupt the international financial system. Bitcoin like hundreds of other cryptocurrencies is increasingly kept as assets and employed as currencies to buy goods and services, such as digital real estate, software, and illegal drugs.  To their supporters, […]

How Can AI Help Manage Cloud Sprawl? 

Many companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce  cloud-computing expenses, excess data storage, and other inefficiencies across information-technology processes. Corporate technology leaders and industry analysts are tapping software developed to identify overlapping cloud applications. Meanwhile, organizations encounter several problems due to a lack of control and visibility over their cloud resources. One of […]

Blockchain and the Growth of Digital Identity

The Internet is a part of our identity. Technological developments in the digital sphere have transformed every aspect of our lives, including shopping, working together with colleagues, staying in contact with friends, entertainment, and money management. Since the inception of the Internet, identity management has been a major issue, with billions of dollars being spent […]

We Can All Gain a Lot from the Digital World

We can all gain a lot from the digital world. It offers platforms that let us communicate and work together. It creates an opportunity for learning about new, significant topics and fosters innovation in previously unthinkable ways. Getting everyone online and bridging the digital divide calls for a multifaceted strategy. More is needed to offer […]

Delivering Sustainable Digital Transformation Solutions to Clients

As a digital transformation agency or consultancy, delivering sustainable digital transformation solutions to clients is not as simple as teaching older office coworkers how to use Slack. It is on a meticulous company wide scale alteration to company operations that are central to its survival in the coming decades. Businesses that are leading the discourse […]

Avoiding Digital Wallet Transaction Fraud

Mobile payment apps and digital currency are becoming the ideal option for consumers to pay for goods and services, learning numerous ways to avoid Digital Wallet Transactions Fraud.   The increased usage and the risk of being targeted by fraudsters have scam artists utilizing these apps for their schemes and hacks that have become “ethical.”   Mobile […]

U.S. Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy; Here’s What You Need to Know

On March 8, 2022, the American State Department launched a new cybersecurity bureau designed to improve digital diplomacy and online standards worldwide.   The Department of State’s new Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP) began operations on April 4. According to the announcement, the “CDP bureau will address the national security challenges, economic opportunities, and implications for […]