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Today, Dubai opened its doors for the digital era as Seamless 2023 welcomed attendees, exhibitors, and speakers from all around the globe.

six units

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said it plans split its business into six main units covering e-commerce, media and the cloud, adding that each will explore fundraising or initial public offerings. Alibaba’s U.S.-listed shares rose 7% in pre-market trading. Here are comments from analysts: THOMAS HAYES, CHAIRMAN AT GREAT HILL CAPITAL, NEW YORK “This is the […]

small and micro businesses

Thriving as a business in this dog-eat-dog world is a herculean task. And business owners are left using every opportunity to one-up other businesses and try to compete with the big companies. Additionally, Small and micro-sized enterprises have to integrate the latest innovation into their business model, or else risk being left behind in the […]

Beijing’s market regulator recently visited ByteDance’s Douyin video hosting service to look into the company’s livestreaming e-commerce business and discuss how to prevent over-charging, a statement, published on Thursday on the regulator’s official WeChat account, said. The regulator’s visit to Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – comes at a time when Beijing has […]

Early Christmas Shopping

As early shoppers are aware, some items will become more difficult to obtain as the holiday season approaches, especially tech items like game consoles, smartphones, drones and other in-demand products. Although the majority of shoppers appear to prefer online purchasing to in-store shopping, ordering new equipment online has its own set of difficulties. Online shopping […]

African e-commerce Firm Jumia Says It Is Past Peak Losses, Shares Jump

African e-commerce firm Jumia Technologies said on Wednesday it was past peak losses and would focus on promotions, marketing and cost cutting in its quest towards profitability, driving its shares up 16 percent despite a wider quarterly loss. Jumia is an online marketplace for vendors and food sellers, with associated services including logistics and payments. […]


When a country suffers from its worst ever economic crisis, initiatives pour in to bring it out of the brinks of total collapse. Financial assistance, humanitarian aid, and increasing solidarity within the community are typical avenues to alleviate the significant sequels of the crisis. As Lebanon has been going through its darkest years, with an […]