The Future of Safe Online Shopping Is Here

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IOMD Brings You a Unique E-commerce Experience

I OWN MY DATA (IOMD) has unveiled its new e-commerce app, Node, promising a seamless and secure e-commerce experience.

  • Node platform allows users to manage, retrieve, and save their online interactions, purchases, and profiles on their own devices.
  • users can complete transactions with a single click and even receive a dummy email for added privacy.

A new e-commerce startup, I OWN MY DATA (IOMD), has introduced its new Node app that guarantees a seamless and safer e-commerce experience.

IOMD’s Node app allows users to manage, retrieve, and save their online interactions, purchases, and profiles on their own devices. Instead of requiring consumers to repeatedly enter their personal information on various websites, Node allows them to store their private data, such as past purchases, cards, addresses, and preferences, securely on their own devices.

The Gist of It

You know how Google sometimes auto-fills certain boxes for you? Well, it’s the same concept but the information itself is not stored on a company’s server, cloud, or whatever else they might rely on. Instead, the information is safeguarded on your own phone. It doesn’t get any more secure and easy to access than this.

Let’s say you want to buy a funky new floor lamp. You go to your website of choice, find what you’re looking for and then it’s time to check out.

Now, you can either make an account that will keep a record of your order and viewed history and subject you to rivers of promotional emails/spam, or you check out as a guest who has to fill in his information every time a purchase is made.

Every. Single. Time.

Now, if you have this Node app, it already has your information safely saved on your device. You just click and it fills in everything. It also provides you with a dummy email if you wish.

The Big Guys Lose at the End

Founder and CEO Rohan Mahadevan, who spent 15 years at PayPal in a variety of senior roles, shared his inspiration for the platform.

“Node is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way to transact online because it requires no central servers, and consumer data doesn’t need to be stored anywhere else. With Node, you can have lightning-fast checkout processes without worrying about hacking, phishing, or any other security concerns,” Mahadevan stated.

While it does wonders for users, it will be very damaging for e-commerce players in the long run if widely adopted.

These companies “prey” on the consumer.

Once you sign up, they track your purchases and views and then tailor your e-commerce experience based on those. You look at a Michael Meyers costume ONCE, and now it’s Halloween every day. And if luring you with more of the same things doesn’t work, they bombard you with emails. One way or another, they get you. But if they don’t have your information, you’re safe. And they start losing. Over time, the numbers start adding up….

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