Google Pixel

Google Pixel Tablet Vs. iPad: How the Tables Have Turned

Since the beginning, Samsung and Apple have been pitted against one another. In recent years, however, Google has joined the fight partly due to its innovative approaches. The company is going toe to toe with Apple through Google Pixel Tablet. The globe is waiting with bated breath to see how Google Pixel Tablet Vs. iPad […]

The Google Pixel 7 Series Overview

Google Unveiled the Pixel 7 series alongside the Pixel watch earlier this month. While it kept a lot of the design elements of the previous Pixel 6 series, it did refine it. The design was divisive, but google did not change much. This time around, and as always, google wants to fight with the iPhone […]

Google Pixel Watch: Future of Android Watches 

Coming out on Octpber 13th, the Google Pixel Watch is the newest addition to Google’s growing roster of tech gadgets. Fans of Google products can now enjoy a high-tech and sleek looking smart watch that, although isn’t exactly aligned with Google’s other product designs, but it is a universal, clean sleek design that can fit […]