Italy’s ChatGPT Ban Attracts EU Privacy Regulators

Italy’s move to temporarily ban ChatGPT has inspired other European countries to study if harsher measures are needed to rein in the wildly popular chatbots and whether to coordinate such actions. While European parliamentarians disagree over the content and reach of the EU AI Act, some regulators are finding that existing tools, such as the […]

Building a Sustainable Culture Is Beyond Governmental Regulations

As our world becomes increasingly digital, the production and disposal of electronic devices have reached staggering levels. Unfortunately, the majority of electronic waste, or e-waste, is not disposed of in a responsible or sustainable manner. Instead, it ends up in landfills or shipped to developing countries, where it is often improperly recycled, leading to significant […]

UK to Extend Financial Guarantee for EU Research Applicants

Britain said it would extend until the end of June the financial guarantee it has provided to ensure UK applicants to the Horizon Europe scientific research programme receive funding while negotiations continue on rejoining the scheme. Under a Brexit trade agreement signed at the end of 2020, Britain negotiated access to a range of EU […]

China to Double Down on Push to Be Self-Reliant in Tech, Premier Says

China’s science and technology policies should aim to build its strength and self-reliance, while the role of the government in pooling resources for key technological breakthroughs needed to be leveraged better, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday. The nation effectively countered external attempts to suppress and contain China’s development over the past five years by […]

TikTok a Potential Target in Upcoming U.S. Bill to Ban Some Foreign Tech - Senator

Two U.S. senators plan to introduce legislation this week aimed at letting the government “ban or prohibit” foreign technology products such as Chinese-owned TikTok, Senator Mark Warner said on Sunday. Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said TikTok would be “one of the potentials” for review under the bill. The Democratic senator made […]