Hong Kong

American Tech Companies Worried about the Great Firewall of China in Hong Kong

Google, OpenAI and Microsoft are slowing squeezing out accessibility to their AI chatbots in Hong Kong. This is in unequivocal acknowledgement that Hong Kong no longer has any special status over mainland China regarding freedom of information. None of the above-mentioned companies are confirming this as the reason. But given the 2020 National Security Law […]

Baidu’s Hong Kong Shares Rebound as Users Test ChatGPT-Like Ernie Bot

Hong Kong-listed shares in China’s Baidu rebounded 15.7% on Friday as users told of their experiences with the Ernie bot, recouping losses from a day earlier prompted by the chatbot’s launch, which failed to impress. On Thursday, viewers of the Chinese search engine giant’s presentation panned the company’s lack of a live demonstration and a […]

China Telecom aims for $8.5 billion in Shanghai’s IPO

Amidst Washington’s deadlock with Beijing, China Telecom may potentially elevate its Shanghai’s initial public offering (IPO) to more than $8 billion leading to its biggest offering this year in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, following the firm’s delisting in its New York counterpart (NYSE) in January.  Following Chinese media reports, the Beijing-based firm established its IPO at $0.70 per share, inflating the firm’s worth […]

The rise of Hong Kong’s FinTech industry

Hong Kong is committed to the growth of their fintech sector. With a national GDP of $341.4bn, the city is fast becoming a hub for digital transformation. The rapid advancements in technology has led to the rise in fintech innovation and online banking methods which has supported consumer needs amid the pandemic. The latest report […]

TikTok to leave Hong Kong as security law raises worries

HONG KONG (AP) — TikTok said Tuesday it will stop operations in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies in warily eyeing ramifications of a sweeping national security law that took effect last week. The short-form video app’s planned departure from Hong Kong comes as various social media platforms and messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, […]