India’s Impressive Growth is Happening One Citizen at a Time

India has been stealing the headlines in the last month. The success of Chandrayaan-3 in showing the world how to colonize the moon has shown the country in a light the world many have suspected, but never seen before. The fact that China’s Xi Jinping wouldn’t meet with Narendas Modi at the recent BRICS summit […]

5G Spectrum Auction in India: Here’s How it Panned Out

Since the introduction of first-generation mobile services, which could only carry voice calls, mobile networks have significantly developed. The fourth generation of mobile networks is capable of handling faster data rates. However, a newer generation of mobile networks is required due to the shifting connectivity requirements, increasing mobile data traffic, and a new class of […]

Reliance Jio Top Spender in India's $19 Billion 5G Spectrum Auction

Reliance Industries’ Jio emerged as the biggest spender in India’s $19 billion 5G spectrum auction, with the top telco player winning airwaves worth $11 billion as the world’s no.2 mobile market gears up for the high-speed wireless network. India’s government aims to begin the rollout of 5G – which it says can provide data speeds […]