Ooredoo Group

Six Influential Telecom CEOs in 2022 

A functioning society depends on the telecommunications sector. Over time, it proved crucial for families, communities, businesses, and governments. The COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread move to remote work increased the demand for a solid connection and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure for every civilization. Being a telecom CEO is a challenging task. In this article, […]

Ooredoo: Networking Greatness

A significant event such as the most prominent sports tournament in the world requires a lot of telecommunication work. Such an event would put immense pressure on the network. Fans woud be sharing the updates as they happen. This peak demand for communication requires intricate planning and efficient management to ensure quality. Maintaining this quality […]

Ooredoo Group marks a $6 billion growth in Q3

Qatari telco, Ooredoo Group, released on Wednesday its 2021 third quarter (Q3) revenue report, marking a 3 percent increase in a fiscal year. The Qatari multinational telecom firm reported a rising revenue margin touching an estimate of $6 billion for the nine months ending in September, an augmentation referenced to increasing growth in the country’s […]