Streaming Services

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The history of the music industry is filled with technological milestones. Each has impacted how people consume and experience music.

Disney Shares Drop

Walt Disney Co missed Wall Street earnings forecasts on Tuesday as the entertainment giant racked up more losses from its push into streaming video, sending its shares tumbling 9 percent. The company gained more streaming customers than analysts had expected from July through September, but media investors have increasingly focused on profits over streaming subscription […]

Video Privacy Protection Act

The Video Privacy Protection Act is a prime example of the law’s inconsistency. Constitutional law is the body of rules dictating the affairs of an organized group. It consists of basic rules that cannot be modified without an appropriate procedure. All other types of law (i.e., Statutory Law, Criminal law, Intellectual Property Law, etc.) must […]

streaming service for gamers

In the past ten years, gaming has significantly evolved, whether on the level of graphics, gaming experience, or technology used. As a result, games have become increasingly more demanding, ultimately requiring expensive hardware to ensure reliable performance. Cloud Gaming Saves the Day Hefty game scales and demanding hardware requirements have become a common topic among […]