The potential of telcos to expand beyond communications and integrate FinTech functionality on their network, creating huge business possibilities for both sectors.   ________________________  The global scope and coverage of telcos are enormous. It should be clear that telcos can use this reach for possibilities outside of communications. Huge business possibilities for both sectors could be […]

Data Crossroads

Telecoms companies guard their customer information very carefully, and quite rightly so. Strict data privacy rules, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have reinforced the requirement to have tight controls over how information is stored, governed and used. Often, data is kept not just within the company but sometimes locked within individual departments. The […]

You need to keep up. Web3 is not something to anticipate. It is something you need to adapt to and live with. Web3 is the next step for various sectors, and the telecom sector is no different. Telecom and Web3 are codependent. There is a need for a balance between them. This balance is crucial […]

Digital Fasting

UAE’s du hoped that digital fasting would help to instill self-reflection during Ramadan. Not too long ago, one of the highest profile companies in the United Arab Emirates conducted an experiment during Ramadan. The company was Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) and the experiment was to create a ‘technology fast’ within the Islamic practice of […]

better brands

I’ll start with a provocative assertion: most telcos typically pay less attention to their brands than they ought to, and that doesn’t work for them. The proof: mobile service has become commoditized in over ¾ of the 50+ markets studied by Strategy&. In many Telcos, the responsibility for the brand sits in Consumer Marketing, meanwhile, […]

New Generation Telco?

Although the industry has never stood still, it has also been simple to implement quick or significant changes within major organizations that use tried-and-true business models and expensive infrastructure to serve hundreds of millions of clients. Telcos must make crucial choices about handling these and other transitions while having time to stay one step ahead. […]

telco business solutions

The ecosystem is still growing, and innovation is flourishing, and a every telco business solution is playing a major role in this flourish. Once more, as the wireless sector begins the 5G growth cycle, we are on the verge of tremendous change, as we witness several other factors that are also shaping the environment. To […]

AccessAbilities Expo 2022

Dubai, UAE, 17 November 2022: As the exclusive telecom partner, du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has successfully concluded its participation at AccessAbilities Expo, which took place the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). The event provided a platform to empower over 50 million People with Disabilities who reside in the Middle East. Adel Al Raees, Head […]