Wireless Networks

What’s Tomorrow like for Wireless Communication

Applications for intelligent terminals are growing, including those for smart cities, smart transportation, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The various needs mean that 5G networks still need to be enhanced. However, the exploration and use of upcoming 6G networks still heavily depend on effectively utilizing the resources. A new era of the Internet of everything would begin […]

India’s 5G Needs to Catch Up

India has been preparing to introduce 5G for years, but delays have kept happening. According to the most recent information, the implementation should be finished before March 2023 if the government has its way in the current round of frequency auctions. That depends on a lot. The government has consistently overpromised when addressing the 5G […]

Nokia 6G and the Future of Networks 

The world has just started to see 5G roll out, but Nokia is looking further ahead towards 6G. Nokia is leading multiple plans toward a 6G ready world by 2030. The Finnish giants are collaborating and fortifying their teachings on various fronts. The Nokia 6G  is starting today. Let us take a look at Nokia […]

Ericsson Expects 5G Subscriptions to Cross 1 Billion in 2022

Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson said on Tuesday it expects global 5G mobile subscriptions to surpass 1 billion in 2022, helped by higher adoption in China and North America. A weaker global economy and the uncertainties caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine lowered its estimate for 2022 by around 100 million, the company said in […]

Edge Computing and Intelligence: The Art of Shaping Next-Generation Wireless Networks

Data-driven applications and use cases have literally exploded in numbers in the last decade. Business and data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine-to-machine applications, augmented and virtual reality, medical diagnostics, are just some examples among many more. This type of services has been increasingly relying on the availability of proper computational resources and software […]