The most discussed tech-related topics during covid-19

The most discussed tech related topics during covid19

The pandemic has profoundly shifted the way we live our lives and the way we look to the future. It has also dramatically changed what we discuss, what we want to know, and what we choose to write about. An analysis by the Boston Consulting Group has revealed major shifts in tech-related topics during covid-19.

The analysis takes 150 million English language articles and written media from 30 countries, and derives the most common topics between December 2019 and May 2020.

Image source: World Economic Forum, Boston Consulting Group

Observations indicate that “Business Insights” and ‘IoT’, previously occupying the first and third positions respectively, have been completely pushed out of the top-10 list. This is a reflection of the current economic and business environment. With the decline of global economic activity and the ongoing pandemic, fewer people are concerned with the ups and downs of stocks and shares now that almost everyone is on a collective down.

‘AI and Machine Learning’ have gone from 2nd place on the list to 5th, based on the fact that artificial intelligence has been invaluable in combating such a widespread virus, and people know it. This is also reflected in ‘Data Analytics’ which went from being in 6th place all the way to 1st place, experiencing the biggest surge in interest among tech-related topics during covid-19.

In current 2nd, no surprise, 5G. Aside from the conspiracy theories linking 5G with the coronavirus, companies and nations haven’t halted their push. In fact, they accelerated it, with strong reliable internet connections now more essential than ever.

The most interesting thing however, are the new comers to the list of tech- related topics during covid-19.

Telemedicine, previously not available on the list, jumped up to 3rd most popular subject. Remote healthcare has seen an enormous spike during the pandemic and this new awareness and interest is likely to result in further innovation down the line. Other topics that did not previously exist on the list are ‘AR/VR’ at 6th most popular, followed by Distance Learning, Biotech/Medtech, and Personal protective equipment, at 8th, 9th, and 10th place respectively.

The results of this analysis reveal a great interest in safety, health, and healthcare technology as people show a greater focus on topics that matter amid the current pandemic. The list of tech-related topics during covid-19 reflects a significant shift in collective interests and awareness.