Rest Easy, Mr.Turing

Bletchley Park to address the twelve challenges of AI

The November AI summit will address the 12 challenges of AI. It’s a fitting tribute to the leader of the Allied Force’s codebreaking team, Alan Turing.

The key challenges were distributed to the media to heighten the sense of urgency needed to address this rapidly advancing technology.

Existential threat

If AI poses a major threat to human life, then regulation must provide national security protections.


AI can introduce new or perpetuate existing biases in society.


Training AI models with sensitive information about individuals and business.


Language models like ChatGPT may produce material that misrepresents someone’s behaviour, personal views, and character.


The sheer amount of data needed to train the most powerful AI.

Computing power

Similarly, the development of the most powerful AI requires enormous computing power.


AI models often struggle to explain why they produce a particular result, or where the information comes from.


Generative models, whether they be text, images, audio, or video, typically make use of existing content, which must be protected so not to undermine the creative industries.


When hamful use is evident, policy must establish whether the developers or providers are liable.


Politicians must anticipate the likely impact on existing jobs that embracing AI will have.


The computer code behind AI models could be made openly available to allow for more dependable regulation and promote transparency and innovation.

International coordination

The development of any regulation must be an international undertaking, and the November summit must welcome “as wide a range of countries as possible”.

Across the pond, Capitol Hill are hosting their own summit to discuss the challenges of AI. The rockstars of tech, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, will each present their thoughts on governance and control.

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