Vodafone Australia offers discounts on handset and SIM only plans

Vodafone Australia introduced a number of discounts for November, offering a range of reduced plan costs across select Vodafone Infinite Plans for SIM Only and handset plans.

According to a press release late last week, the company said, “During November, eligible customers who sign up or upgrade to the $ 33 Lite+ month-to-month SIM only or handset plan, will now pay $ 29 per month and receive 80 GB of Max Speed data per month, as long as they stay continuously connected to this plan.”

Vodafone added: “The cost of the eligible Vodafone Infinite plans will be reduced for as long as customers stay continuously connected to the plan (applies to both month-to-month SIM only and handset versions).”

The discounted prices are, according to the telco, $45 Lite+ Plan now $40/month with 80GB Max Speed data; $55 Super Plan now $50/month with 200GB Max Speed data; and $65 Super+ Plan now $60/month with 300GB Max Speed data.

Meanwhile, Telstra has consistently achieved the largest market share of mobile phone service providers in Australia since 2010, recognizing a total share of between 37 percent (in 2010) and 45 percent (for the three years between 2014 and 2016)., according to Statista.

Vodafone has achieved the third market share in Australia with 17 percent in 2020, according to Statista.

In addition, customers can sign up via retail, online and customer care channels, according to the telco. “All available offers include in-market bonus data, which is extended throughout November,” it added.