Watch Your Life with Project Ellmann

Privacy concerns in AI Watch Your Life with Project Ellmann: Privacy Concerns in AI!

Imagine that you can ‘witness’ your life through the lens of your mobile phone data. This includes your photos, search results, and based on your social media activity. Privacy concerns in AI are raised!

It’s named ‘Project Ellmann’, an AI-driven project named after the prominent American literary critic and biographer, Richard David Ellmann. It utilizes AI algorithms to detect key themes in a user’s digital footprints and make a narrative around that. By that, it could help users discover memories, understand their life journey better, and connect with others with the aim of sharing similar experiences.

The project will leverage large language models (LLMs) like Gemini to analyze user’s photos, generate a chatbot, and answer sophisticated questions about their lives.

More than 1 billion users and 4 trillion photos and videos, Google Photos has according to a company blog post.

A life storyteller Project  

The goal is to serve a life storyteller by granting a panoramic view of a user’s life. Taking advantage of the context of the biographies, preceding moments, and following photos.  

“We can’t answer tough questions or tell good stories without a bird’s-eye view of your life, one description reads alongside a photo of a small boy playing with a dog in the dirt.” According to a copy of a presentation viewed by CNBC.

How staggering it is to have a personalized narrative of your own life journey!

On the other side, there is something called respecting the privacy of people’s personal lives.

Losing our privacy little by little

NO matter how great this project is or how interesting it’s perspective on our lives is. This over-reliance on technology is ruining our personal taste, opportunities, and our self-reflection.

Nonetheless, AI is hugely biased by misleading the narratives of the user’s lives. While “Project Ellmann” may not include the direct sharing of user data, it sparks worries regarding the security of data and whether the personal data is going to be misused.

Does it look like we are legitimately going to lose all our privacy in the hidden pretext of the continuous progression of AI-driven projects? Where it takes us, if it’s going to be not just a bird’s view of our lives, but a holistic view later on?

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