Q* AI's Math from Job Fears to Scientific Breakthroughs 

Q Algorithm

Remember that annoying colleague you used to have in your classroom who solves unsolvable problems in Math? Now it’s AI’s turn. 

Following the recent rehiring of Sam Altman by Open AI, the new focus has been on enhancing mathematical capabilities, particularly Open AI’s new Q algorithm, Q*. What it solves unseen mathematical problems.  

Struggling LLMS  

Large Language Models (LLMs), the ones powering AI chatbots, have struggled with mathematical reasoning due to their language-centric design.  

Let’s point out the significant, multiple reasons behind Open AI’s new development: the new Q algorithm or Q*, which holds: 

  1. AI with mathematical prowess can provide the opportunity to fundamentally change scientific research and discovery. The vast amounts of analyzing data and identifying hidden patterns help in witnessing breakthroughs in various fields, such as medicine and engineering.  
  1. Freeing human experts to focus on the more creative and strategic aspects of their work, AI can automate repetitive and monotonous mathematical tasks. 
  1. AI in mathematics can make complex concepts more accessible to the public. It simplifies explanations by providing interactive visualizations, thereby giving a wider understanding of its applications in everyday life. 

Fears from the Q* Math  

With all the reasons to invest in the Q algorithm, there are some concerns and challenges that arise. The most recent concern, which everybody is scared of, is the fear of job displacement.

On top of that unfair outcomes might be perpetuated, thus developing, and implementing ethical guidelines and regulations is a must to ensure that AI systems are FAIR!  

In complex mathematical problems, we often can’t understand how AI models arrived at certain conclusions, lacking transparency and explainability.  

Q*, you better be responsible and efficient while solving mathematical problems, it might seem vague and unnecessary for all the math haters, but its effect in different and major fields like medicine and science discovery transforms the whole game.  

On another note, how much is it going to ease the lives of the math haters? 

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