ChatGPT Needs a Nap, Apparently.

ChatGPT performance ChatGPT performance is declining. Apparently, it needs a nap!

Now ChatGPT performance is reported to be lazy. So, we can punish it especially after it turned one year’ old.

Users have reported that ChatGPT performance is decreasing its quality of responses and interactions and has seen a decline in its performance.  Open AI even conceded its diminished performance by explaining the tool hadn’t been updated since November 11.

Improvements are on the way

Open AI is trying to find a fix, but no specific timeline is being provided. But users are suggesting temporary solutions, for instance using specific phrases until the problem is solved.

What happened is that large language models (LLMs) can change their behavior over time due to continuous training and interactions with users, causing unintentional consequences like ‘laziness’. It didn’t just decide one day to be lazy or disinterested.

OpenAI explained that “to be clear, the idea is not that the model has somehow changed itself since Nov 11th. It’s just that differences in model behavior can be subtle – only a subset of prompts may be degraded, and it may take a long time for customers and employees to notice and fix these patterns.”

Why sluggish?!

Whatever the reason, it’s ironic to think that AI has assumed another characteristic of human behaviour that not even Sam Altman could have seen coming. A hilarious by-product that takes our fears of AI and gives us all a good laugh.

But with tongue firmly in cheek, why choose this characteristic? Why not another smart and creative accomplishment from Chat GPT that puts them on the fast track, rather than the slow lane occupied by us?

Why are we being underestimated and underrated? Is it planned? In order to rely more on AI? And to question ourselves all the time?

We think that this confrontation points out the urge for transparency and communication from developers of AI systems. To ease the user’s way while working with Chat GPT, giving the opportunity to address the user’s concerns and guarantee ethical and responsible development.

I could go on about it but actually, I couldn’t be bothered.

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