All You Need to Know After the Apple Event


Apple held its annual, most anticipated showcase event and announced its products that most Apple fans would be excited about. The iPhone parent announced various additions to its roster, alongside the eagerly awaited iPhone 14. We will take a brief look at all that the iOS developer unveiled at the Apple Event 2022. 

The iPhone 14 Pro 

Apple unveiled a whole iPhone 14 series, but the leading player is the iPhone 14 Pro and its more extravagant brother, the iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus look similar, with the Plus being bigger at 6.7 inches. They are both powered by an upgraded A15 bionic chip, a powerful chip infused with Apple’s technology to ensure their phone offers a smooth experience. Apple also tweaked the cameras and the all-new crash detection feature. They will go for $799 and $899, respectively. 

Moreover, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer the impressive “Dynamic Island” notch. The usual notch on top of the screen can now expand. It will also display information such as messages, music, and more. The Pro iPhones also come with an always-on display providing all the essential information you need to know, like time, and a couple of widgets, so you can stay updated without the need to wake your phone up. The all-new A16 chip will power the Pro models allowing for more excellent performance and even more outstanding software durability.  

Credit: Reuters

Finally, both models come with a 48-megapixel camera with the all-new action mode to help stabilize the video recording while performing any sports or actions. Of course, the fantastic night mode is even better and will ensure the pictures you take at night look fantastic. And, of course, the emergency call upon crash service and Satellite location via pointing the phone towards the satellite. It will be available for your pre-order on September 9 and September 16 for 999$ and 1099$, respectively. 

For the iPhone 14 colors, you will have a selection of: 

  • Deep blue 
  • Sleek black midnight 
  • All-new deep purple 
  • Eye-popping red 

New Visionary Apple Watches  

Apple has unveiled new watches as well as improvements on previous models during the Apple Event 2022. With the new Watch OS 9, all watches above series four will get a low power mode that can increase the battery life to 36 hours. Here is a look at the Apple Watches. 

The Ultra 

The Apple watch Ultra was also announced at the Apple event 2022. Yes, it is not just an iPhone event. 

The Ultra comes with a titanium case to handle more aggressive activities—it targets athletes since it can endure extreme cold and hot temperatures and has respectful, more durable battery life. The Apple watch ultra will also come equipped with a 86 Decibel siren that will blast off to signal where you are in case of an emergency. The Ultra costs a whopping $799. It looks like those features were sure expensive to add. 

Series 8 

Apple added more color variations, unveiled at the Apple Event 2022 gold and silver for the stainless-steel version and starlight, red, and midnight for aluminum. It will also support the crash detection feature and the all-new ovulation tracking option. The brand straps such as Hermes and Nike will also be revisited. The price is $399 for the base and $499 for the cellular. 

The SE Watch 

Finally, Apple upgraded its more price-flexible variant of the Apple watch. More colors and safety features with a more prominent display. Apple also stated that it would be around 20 percent faster and, of course, will have the crash detection feature. The SE will be priced at $249. 

The Airpods Pro 

Apple added new controls on the buds. You can now adjust the volume when you swipe up and down along the sides. Additionally, a speaker has found its way on the AirPod case so it can notify you when the battery is low or in case you lost them. The improved AirPod case can last up to 30 hours of listening time. You can charge them via the Apple Watch charger as well. 

Lastly, the AirPods Pro will have a better processing chip for better audio quality and twice as much noise cancellation. An extra small earbud tip has also been added for a more comfortable fit. 

Final Thoughts 

The Apple event 2022 gave us a lot to look forward to. Apple reminded everyone of their eco-friendly approach through the reduction of carbon print in each one of its events. This tech occurrence for the Big Tech giant might impact the prices of older models of the iPhone and keep users excited for the upcoming OS16 update. The dynamic island will surely be an iconic addition, allowing creative use of the ever-so-in-your-face notch. Great cameras and stylish designs are now what you expect from Apple, but they might have stepped it up with the potential life-saving SOS features. 

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