Apple's iOS 16 New Features 

iOS 16 New Features  PENANG, MALAYSIA - MAR 11, 2021: Hand holding Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G front view comparison with Apple iPhone 11 pro max in isolated white background


The rollout of the eagerly anticipated iPhone series is here. Apple is preparing its users for the transition by releasing the newest iOS 16. It might be the most exciting iOS update Apple has ever given us. Loads of new features, soon to be iconic and most probably copied by various phone manufacturers. Here is a look at the iOS 16 new features with a quick overview 

Phones Getting iOS 16 

Apple is well-known now for its incredibly lasting software support for its products, especially phones. The iOS 16 is further proof of that, with all iPhones from 8 up getting the update. This means the iPhone 6s and 7s ended on the chopping block, but it was about time. Additionally, iPad 9.7 models and above will also get the iOS 16 update. 

iOS 16 New Features 

The new IOS 16 has many new additions to ensure you get the most out of your iPhone. Apple did give its users a teaser look at what to expect with an extensive list of its iOS 16 beta features users get to try. This new update introduces various ways so you can customize your phone and make it reflect you. 

An Overhaul with iOS 16 Home Screen  

You only get one chance to make a remarkable first impression. The New iOS 16 seemed to take these words to heart. The first thing you see is a new customizable home screen. This new iOS 16 feature allows you to add widgets to your home screen. With presets with various vibrant colors, you can add a clock, widgets, and a focus option with combinations of a lock screen and focus. 

A standout iOS 16 home screen is also available if you want a unique option. It’s called Emoji. As the name suggests, it is a way to fill up your home screen with up to six emojis. You can even change the background color, unlocking various possible combinations. 

Massive Tweaks for iMessages 

Next on the list of iOS16 new features is the editing option, in addition to messages. You can now edit sent messages, which is excellent, especially if you find a typo after sending an important message to your boss, for example. You get up to five edits per message and only 15 minutes to edit it. Remember that this new iOS feature isn’t anonymous; iMessages will mark the message as revised, and you and the recipient can view the editing history. 

Additionally, you can delete messages within a short window of two minutes. All Apple users will see that a message was unsent, but Android users receiving the message won’t. Android doesn’t allow you to edit or unsend messages in the first place. Finally, you can mark a message or a thread of messages as unread, which is a great way to remind yourself to check messages you received in a hurry later. 

Security Patches 

iOS 16 new features are not all that you need to be looking forward to. Security is a critical component in every software, and this latest update makes sure it optimizes security levels. With all types of users in Apple’s mind, a lockdown mode was introduced to iPhone users who are more prone to spyware to protect them. Another new iOS feature is a safety check. This feature allows the quick reset of app permissions which, in case of an emergency, will reset your consent blocking access to your vital data and keeping it safe. 

Your iPhone Can Now Be Your Webcam 

Also, one of the underrated new iOS 16 features is that you can use it as a webcam. Laptops are great; some have taken leaps forward with their webcam tech, but it isn’t an iPhone camera. iPhones are well known for their excellent cameras. The fact that you can now stick your phone on your laptop and enjoy a great camera experience will genuinely come in handy in meetings, online classes, and remote work settings. 

A Bonus for Gamers 

The new iOS 16 allows you to use a Nintendo Joystick to play games. Yes, that’s right. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you can use one or two joysticks on your iPhone if it runs iOS 16. This new iOS 16 feature will surely bring you a better gaming experience since you can enjoy the fantastic iPhone display without your thumbs substituting for a controller. 

Final Thoughts 

These were just a few picks from the variety of new iOS 16 new features. You can explore and enjoy all the rest when you get your hands on the latest software. That excellent software update gives you unique, customizable options and valuable additions. The New iOS 16 might be Apple’s most exciting software update in a while now. 

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