Comium Gambia Puts Its Slogan ‘Better Together’ to the Test

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Explore the groundbreaking impact of Comium Gambia’s free 4G connectivity, revolutionizing communication in the nation. Discover how this initiative is uniting communities and empowering individuals with seamless connectivity, creating a stronger and more connected Gambia. Witness the transformative power of “better together” in action.

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, in Gambia is talking about Comium’s bold initiative to offer free 4G to the local population while testing their expanding network. It’s a clear-cut case of the company ‘living the brand’, demonstrating that to succeed in an evolving digital world, marketing is about doing, not saying. What makes ‘better together’ come alive in this instance is that Gambians are invited to give their feedback during this test period. So in essence the people of this country are actively participating in building a stronger, wider network of 4G+ connectivity. All of a sudden, ‘better together’ actually means something tangible: the North Star of every marketer in the world.

History in the Making

It started with crowds forming outside Comium’s outlets and a staff who made the decision themselves to stay at work deep into the night, to accommodate the daily demand for SIMs. It continues with the same volumes, with new customers no longer having to queue but now able to wait in a more leisurely fashion in special gardens set up by the Comium people themselves. There aren’t any precedents for this type of reaction to a new telco deal, certainly in Africa. And in sheer numbers, the free 4G deal certainly outranks the numbers waiting outside Apple’s flagship store in anticipation of a new iPhone.

How it all Started

The strategic initiative behind this offer is to ensure Comium is, empirically, the leader in Gambia’s transformation to a truly connected community in both urban and rural areas. This is the vision of the Chairman and Founder of Monty Mobile, Comium’s management partner. Mountasser Hachem’s belief in the brand has re-invigorated the company and during a five day whirlwind trip he demonstrated his commitment to both the staff and the people of Gambia. The former by engaging with staff at all levels, the latter by personally venturing out to investigate connectivity challenges and opportunities in rural areas.

As a bystander to this rather seismic occurrence in Gambia, I can tell you that I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve worked with such telcos as Orange in Egypt, Safaricom in Kenya, Glo in Nigeria and both Vodacom and MTN in South Africa. Nothing I’ve seen comes close to, dare I say it, the connectivity between brand and consumer that Comium has just achieved.

Better together? No doubt about it.

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