Financial Solutions Firm Revolut to Offer eSIM in the U.K.

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Financial solutions firm Revolut is set to launch its eSIM plans in the UK later this week in collaboration with telecom operator 1GlOBAL.

  • Revolut is set to become the first UK financial solutions firm to offer telecom plans.
  • The move capitalizes on increasing roaming charges post-Brexit.

Revolut is launching its new eSIM plans in the UK later this week, a bold jump into the British telecommunications sector.

Through this, Revolut would act as an agent for 1GLOBAL to facilitate eSIM data plans. Not that the company is not benefiting. In fact, through this collaboration, Revolut will become the first UK financial services firm to offer telecom plans.

They are offering users the ability to download a digital SIM card (eSIM) onto their devices. These cards are really neat, as they allow you to purchase and connect to mobile networks globally without having to physically change SIM cards. Granted, it would only offer data coverage. But in the age of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), like WhatsApp, who’s making regular calls anyway?

Eligible customers can purchase the eSIM through the Revolut app, where the companies clearly outline the prices, data amount, validity period, and included countries. The digital banking giant aims to provide competitive rates, covering over 100 countries globally. They are offering an appealing eSIM option for frequent travelers and digital nomads, especially if they are in Europe.

Revolut’s eSIM will have something for everybody, from basic connectivity to premium subscriptions. The basic app provides access to standard eSIM plans. Users can manage their finances and top up their phones seamlessly. Subscriptions to the Ultra package, however, will include more comprehensive offerings, like 3GB of global data with monthly refreshes.

The company is taking advantage of the increasing roaming charges in the UK following Brexit. They are taking “know your customer” literally.

This jump to the telecom sector makes even more sense, considering Revolut’s introduction of its “mobile wallets” for international money transfers. It’s all in the name of accessibility.

Elyas Sadou, Product Owner of eSIM at Revolut, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, stating, “Our eSIM offers seamless access to mobile data, eliminating the inconvenience of high prices or the need to buy and organize a physical SIM card.”

It looks like Elon Musk is not the only person who wants their product to be an All-in-one app. That is also Revolut’s endgame as well. The digital banking titan wants to become a “super app” that encompasses various financial verticals, including currency exchange, insurance, and travel bookings, among other things.

So, who’s getting to that finish line first? Musk or Revolut?

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