Orange activates 10 Gbps fibre service in 5 Spanish cities

Orange Spain has announced the commercial deployment of a fibre broadband service at symmetric (download and upload) speeds of 10 Gbps in an initial five cities.

The offer uses XGS-PON technology and will be available to both private consumers and businesses in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza, said the operator during an event called ‘Orange Network Fashion Week 2021’ held at its Pozuelo de Alarcon headquarters.

According to statement by Orange Spain, “The combination of the extraordinary capacity of XGSPON fiber together with WIFi 6 , which improves the stability, coverage and speed of the wireless experience, represents a true revolution in connectivity inside homes and businesses. A paradigm shift in internet access that extends abroad since, in these five cities, Orange also offers wide coverage with its 5G network, the fastest in Spain.

Thanks to XGSPON technology, all devices can be connected at maximum speed and quality to, for example, perform the following activities simultaneously: 4K video streaming on various televisions.

Download movies and series at maximum speed, telecommuting, downloading files in a flash, access to corporate tools, online game: Download games, minimum delay in online games, game in the cloud, video calls at the highest quality without degradation and without interruptions, this new technology opens the door to future applications (virtual reality, holograms, etc …) that may require this extra capacity.

Orange’s new 10 Gbps Fiber will be offered , for only an additional 10 euros/month over the usual price, with the Love Total Plus and Love Total Plus 4 rates for residential customers, and with Love Empresa 3 and 5 for freelancers and small businesses.

XGSPON technology allows total speeds of 10 Gbps symmetrical, in which, according to international technological standards, a part of that speed is used for the operation of the service itself, while the other allows customers to reach speeds of approximately 8 Gbps both upstream and downstream.

The combination of XGSPON fiber and WIFI 6 indoors with 5G outdoors, represents a decisive step in the digitization of Spanish society and opens the door to the development of new uses of technology, both in homes and companies. 

To demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of this new technology, Orange has carried out a speed test with it at its headquarters in Pozuelo de Alarcón, within the framework of the “Orange Network Fashion Week” event, during which it shows every year the news in those that works so that its clients, residential and companies, can take full advantage of the advantages and capabilities provided by its most advanced connectivity services.