Project launched to create medical grade for electronic components

electronic components

A new project is in place in order to create a medical grade for electronic components. Through it, these players intend to provide a concrete response to a problem known to manufacturers of medical devices: the absence of a standard.

Tame-Component and its partners in electronics (Vishay, Exxelia, NCAB, TechCI), in medical devices (Carmat, FineHeart, UroMems), Tame-Component, launched after two years of preparations, the RECOME project (Reliability of Electronic COmponents for MEdical devices) whose main objective is to create a standard to meet the reliability needs of medical electronics.

“The idea is to bring together players in the sector in order to bring together the needs of manufacturers of electronic components, medical devices, users of these technologies as well as electronic subcontractors… This new medical grade will bring real added value to all stakeholders and will increase the reliability of current and future electronic medical devices,” Jean Bastid, director of Component BU at TRONICO, said.

Also, this project is the subject of a consortium bringing together TRONICO, Ouest Valorisation and the Laris laboratory (University of Angers) and is funded by the government as part of the recovery plan and by the Pays de la Loire region.

Bastid added: “Until now, component reliability had little impact, but today electronics failure has an immediate impact on the patient ranging from the need for emergency surgery to death. The issue of electronics reliability has therefore become a major issue for the marketing authorization of the equipment.

In recent years, medical devices have evolved rapidly, and electronics have taken a prominent place in the medical field.

The next step for Tame-Component is the optimisation and validation of reliability models in order to write the experimental standard which will serve as a reference for the desired medical grade.

One of its main objectives will be achieved when Tame-Component has defined a reference, an experimental standard on which all manufacturers of medical devices, equipment suppliers, electronic subcontractors can rely on their technological choices.