5G Solutions

Ericsson to Uplift India’s 5G

After clinching large deals with telecom operators for 5G equipment, global telecom infrastructure company Ericsson plans to expand its production capacity in India. The expansion plan would collaborate with a local vendor and operate from the latter’s Pune location. It is all part of a well-structured plan for Ericsson to further its global presence.  The […]

5G The Network of Remote Work 

5G might not have reached its full potential but it has played a major part in empowering the remote work culture. Flexibility, teamwork, and productivity have always been essential to managing a successful company, and they have become even more crucial since the pandemic. Thanks to more effective data networks, 5G technology, and a work-from-anywhere […]

Why NEOM Should Calm You, Not Just Excite You

The dazzling imagery of a ‘one building’ city called The Line. The awesome vision of a massive manufacturing and logistics hub floating on water. And the jaw-dropping moment when Trojena was awarded the Winter Olympics. These are the elements that are capturing the world’s attention about the NEOM project in KSA. And in many ways, […]

The Cloud 5G Rests On

Virtual connectedness between everyone and everything will be made possible by 5G. The connectivity will guarantee easy access to data from any location. With a 5G wireless network, mobile cloud computing combines the strength of cloud computing with mobile computing, birthing a robust 5G cloud infrastructure. With the aid of this technical advancement, high-quality programs […]

The Current State of the 5G Market Growth

Major telcos have been aggressively marketing their 5G offerings. Yet they should consider not only the 5G benefits and promises but what it has relatively failed or is yet to do. Especially when planning the future of telecommunications. 5G technology delivers fast bandwidth, which optimizes real-time applications and heavy on data mobile apps. 5G market […]

The CBRS 5G Essential Bond

As long as client devices can operate in the 3.5 GHz range, the applications for CBRS are limitless. Compared to Wi-Fi which uses unlicensed bands, which are prone to competition from competing technologies. CBRS is typically on its own lane. You can utilize CBRS for financial advantages. In some circumstances. CBRS will be the most […]

Satellite Solutions Uplifting 5G

Mobile networks of the future will not just be 5G or 6G; they’ll be zero G. Lynk Global launched the first direct-to-mobile commercial satellite in April. On August 15, AST SpaceMobile, a rival, announced plans to launch its experimental direct-to-mobile satellite in mid-September. As launch costs decline, satellite fabrication techniques advance. Telecommunications engineers push new […]

The Impact of Telecom on Agricultural Production

You probably cannot emphasize the importance of having immediate access to vast amounts of data enough. Especially in today’s environment of rapid change. Drones, autonomous agricultural vehicles, and IoT gadgets can all increase agriculture’s sustainability and profitability in the new era of 5G connectivity. You can feel the impact of telecom on agricultural production across […]

5G Security Features Merging With IoT

The 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) is groundbreaking in terms of growth in effectiveness and capability. Even though some may argue that 5G is still in its young phases, others already hail and talk about 6G. The mobile networking system offers a lot of features that are not only useful for mobile communications only. 5G […]

Ericsson MEA - Accelerating MEA's Digital Transformation Through 5G

Multinational telecommunications company Ericsson has always been at the forefront of pioneering the journey to a more promising connected future. In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, the mogul is setting the needed foundation for fueling mobile connectivity across the region. Ericsson MEA President, Mr. Fadi Pharaon shares his insights with Inside Telecom on […]