AI Art

Even as bitcoin flies high, investors are keeping their options open, judging by a record race to derivatives. Open interest for bitcoin options and futures has spiked over the past month as fear has stalked global banking, hitting an all-time high of 433,540 contracts on March 23 on Deribit, a leading exchange for crypto-focused derivatives […]

copyright AI art

Last year, Kris Kashtanova typed instructions for a graphic novel into a new artificial-intelligence program and touched off a high-stakes debate over who created the artwork: a human or an algorithm. “Zendaya leaving gates of Central Park,” Kashtanova entered into Midjourney, an AI program similar to ChatGPT that produces dazzling illustrations from written prompts. “Sci-fi […]

imagen AI

Google is coming into the AI-image generator space, and its coming in storm. Google is releasing its text-to-image AI algorithms with utmost caution. Google hasn’t made the system accessible to the general public, despite the fact that the company’s Imagen model generates results comparable – if not surpassing – in quality to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 […]

How to use DALL-E 2

Since it was first displayed in April, DALLE 2 has attracted a lot of attention since it seems to be the most advanced AI art generator to date. The future of human creativity in the face of AI has some people quite concerned, but some designers and artists have been learning how to harness the […]

Jasper AI Art

As modern as the artificial intelligence art generator sounds, the concept began in the 1960s. Harold Cohen developed AARON in the era of “Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence” (GOFAI) programming. It used a symbolic rule-based approach to generate technical images. Today, Jasper AI Art is one of its more successful successors. It automatically creates images based […]

Artists will not be replaced by AI

Everyone with a day job under the CEO level has thought about whether their jobs will exist ten or twenty years from now. Now even artists are afraid to be replaced by AI. While many thought that creatives would be exempt from being replaced by AI, recent developments in AI-generated content and art have lifted […]


Great news AI generated art fans, Open AI’s DALL-E 2 is now officially open to the public.                Although the platform is still in beta,  anyone can now register for DALL-E 2 and begin experimenting with its fascinating AI. Since it was initially shown in April, DALLE 2 has generated a lot of buzz since it […]

Midjourney AI

Artificially intelligent internet bots can now produce extremely realistic-looking photographs almost instantly, with the best contender in the space being Midjourney AI.   AI and intelligent software have advanced recently, particularly in the areas of art, design, and photography. Even Google is working on a cutting-edge AI system that can produce hyper-realistic graphics using only simple […]