China Telecom

Factbox - Chinese Firms Working on Chatgpt-Style Technology

The global buzz around Microsoft chatbot ChatGPT has spread to China, shoring up stocks in artificial intelligence (AI) related firms and prompting a flurry of local companies to announce rival projects. Like Microsoft and Google,Chinese tech giants such as Baidu and Alibaba as well as smaller start-ups have been working on AI projects for years. […]

The China Telecom Building Fire: After the Dust Settled 

On Friday afternoon, September 16th, a massive fire broke out in the China Telecom building, a regional office in China’s Hunan province in South-Central China.  A 218m building, 42-story structure completed in 2000 and is located near a major ring road in Changsha, a city with a population of around 10 million individuals.  As thick […]

China Welcomes a Fourth 5G Telecom Provider

China is one of the largest countries around the world. Together with India, it accounts for about one third of the world’s population and two thirds of Asia’s population. The country has been enjoying steady economic growth with a gross domestic product (GDP) increase of about 10 percent each year according the World Bank. However, […]