Chip Shortage

South Korea Plans Tax Breaks on Domestic Chip and Tech Investments

South Korea said on Tuesday it plans to offer large tax breaks to semiconductor and other technology companies investing at home to strengthen its supply-chain security while boosting the economy. Companies making capital investment at home would be given up to a 35% tax deduction which would help companies save more than 3.6 trillion won […]

China Chip Industry: Down but Not Out

In a move that could set back China’s tech ambitions by as much as a decade, U.S President Joe Biden is chipping away at the China chip industry. This move aims to stifle Beijing’s tech and military ambitions. The actions are intended to stop China from receiving essential technology that may be used in a […]

U.S. Commerce Aims to Seek Chips Funding Proposals by February

The U.S. Commerce Department said Tuesday it hopes by February to begin seeking applications for $39 billion in government semiconductor chips subsidies to build new facilities and expand existing U.S. production. Congress in August approved $52.7 billion for semiconductor manufacturing and research and a 25 percent investment tax credit for chip plants, estimated to be […]

Samsung CEO Seeks 'Common Denominator' in Sino-U.S. Chip War

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is seeking a “common denominator” as it navigates restrictions on U.S. tech exports to China where the South Korean firm makes chips, with potential challenges including bringing in new chip-making equipment. The United States is considering limiting shipments of such equipment to memory chip makers in China to slow technological advances […]

Biden Signs Order on $52 Billion Chips Law Implementation

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed an executive order on implementation of the $52.7 billion semiconductor chips manufacturing subsidy and research law, the White House said. Earlier this month, Biden signed the bill to boost efforts to make the United States more competitive with China’s science and technology efforts. By subsidizing U.S. chip manufacturing and […]

S.Korea to Attend Preliminary Meeting of U.S.-Led Chipmaker Group

South Korea is expected to attend a preliminary meeting for a U.S.-led chipmaker group of major microchip manufacturers including Taiwan and Japan, South Korea’s foreign minister said on Thursday. Seoul’s participation in the preliminary meeting for the so-called “Chip 4” group could heighten the stakes for South Korea as it seeks to navigate the contest […]

U.S. Tightens Export Controls on Advanced Chip, Gas Turbine Engine Tech

The United States on Friday adopted new export controls on technologies that support the production of advanced semiconductors and gas turbine engines that it said are critical to its national security. The “emerging and foundational technologies” covered by the move include gallium oxide and diamond, because “devices that utilize these materials have significantly increased military […]

Intel to Produce Taiwanese Company MediaTek's Chips

U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp said on Monday it will produce chips for Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc, one of the world’s largest chip design firms. The manufacturing arrangement is one of the most significant deals Intel has announced since it launched its so-called foundry business early last year. A foundry business builds chips that other companies design […]

U.S, E.U Will Seek to Head Off Subsidy Race Over Chip Production, Official Says

The United States and European Union will announce a joint effort to avert a “subsidy race” as they scramble to boost production of scarce semiconductor chips, a senior Biden administration official said. The move will be unveiled at the second meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC), taking place on Sunday and Monday […]

Chip consortium ISMC to set up $3 billion plant in India's Karnataka

International semiconductor consortium ISMC will invest $3 billion in India’s southern Karnataka state to set up a chip-making plant, the state government said on Sunday. ISMC is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi-based Next Orbit Ventures and Israel’s Tower Semiconductor. U.S. chip giant Intel Corp has announced plans to acquire Tower. India’s first semiconductor fabrication […]