Digital Transformation

sustainable digital transformation solutions

As a digital transformation agency or consultancy, delivering sustainable digital transformation solutions to clients is not as simple as teaching older office coworkers how to use Slack. It is on a meticulous company wide scale alteration to company operations that are central to its survival in the coming decades. Businesses that are leading the discourse […]

du Partners with GoDaddy

Dubai, UAE, October 2022: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has partnered with GoDaddy to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the Small Office, Home Office (SoHo) segment to create, evolve and grow their digital presence. The announcement was made at GITEX Global 2022 – where du is presenting an innovative showcase under […]

Telco Industry Embraces MarTech

Since the late 1970s, a new generational wireless network has evolved and revolutionized communications approximately every ten years. The launch of 1G in Japan in 1979 enabled the first commercially available cellphones from Motorola; 3G came with the ability to surf the internet; and 5G, launched initially in South Korea in 2019—although not yet available […]

Ericsson MEA

Multinational telecommunications company Ericsson has always been at the forefront of pioneering the journey to a more promising connected future. In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, the mogul is setting the needed foundation for fueling mobile connectivity across the region. Ericsson MEA President, Mr. Fadi Pharaon shares his insights with Inside Telecom on […]

Dubai's Food Industry

In the 1990s, the internet took the world by storm and vitalized the e-commerce industry. A couple of decades later, drones are set to elevate the food industry. Interest in Drone technology is surging in UAE, and Dubai is pioneering it, so how are drones used in the Dubai food industry? Can Drones Deliver Food? […]


One of the digital age’s most relentless discussions circulates around the connection of blockchain in trade finance. Blockchain has the power to reshape trade finance as it has the utmost capacity to decrease unnecessary frictions and inefficiencies taking over the trade finance value chain. This cryptographic ledger is a vital apparatus that would optimize any […]

is technology a good career path

Looking at societies nowadays, you will see that almost everything we do on a daily basis, be it for personal, educational, or even career purposes, is heavily intertwined with technology. This innovative approach to dealing with almost all life aspects can be simply achieved from the tranquility of any intelligent device at our disposal. The […]

How Digital Transformation Led to the Global Semiconductor Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the dynamic on a global scale, hitting all sectors and industries, be it public or private sectors. The overtake of the pandemic entered the world in a digital revolution no one had forecasted. Digital transformation directed the societies and industries towards a hasty adaptation of the new norm, altering every dynamic […]