Frugal Retail Clients

Accenture Plc warned that a pullback in spending from clients who were postponing business improvement projects, especially in retail, was hurting its consulting business and forecast quarterly sales that could miss market estimates. Shares in the company fell as much as 6 percent on Friday. After a pandemic-led boom, spending on IT and transformation projects […]

AI Coffee

Technology is ingrained in the coffee industry, from the bean on the plant to the cup in your hand. The world consumes roughly 10 billion kilos of coffee annually, averaging around two billion cups daily. From automation to software, technology has integrated itself into several fields that, at first glance, bare it no connection, such […]

Future of Grocery Shopping

It has been over two years since Amazon made up its mind to change the future of grocery shopping and opened up its first Amazon Fresh store.  Now, they have shifted into high gear and opened up dozens of stores across the U.S., continually expanding into new cities.   Most recently an Amazon fresh grocery store […]

Cheap Phones on Wish

Some of you may have heard of this website. is the go-to online marketplace tailored to meet shoppers’ needs from third-party sellers whenever they are browsing for that one piece they are itching to buy. It may be a piece of clothing you saw on Pinterest or any retail store, shoes, or even electronics, […]

If world events over the past couple of years taught (and continue to teach) the business world anything, it’s that people can absolutely work and abundantly shop the telecom space from the comforts of home. On top of that, they’ve made it quite clear that they will continue doing both at an accelerated pace, especially […]