Smart City

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In 1909 a short novel was published that has gone on to shape the opinions of every generation since, concerning what the future has in store for us. It was entitled ‘The Machine Stops’, and even those unaware of this novella harbor fears lifted straight from its pages. The central core of this 114-year-old story […]

smart meters

More homes and businesses are converting to smart meters as consumers become more aware of their power bills, especially during a period of rising expenses. You can manage your gas and electricity usage with the help of these wirelessly linked gadgets, and the information is also shared with your energy supplier. In this article, we’ll […]

Dubai IoT

A pioneering vision to promote satisfaction for all residents of Dubai through a continuous commitment to innovation driven by the endless possibilities delivered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Dubai’s IoT plan for the future is directing the city on an accelerated progressive path to realizing unprecedented advancements in the quality of life, service efficiency, frictionless experiences, […]

Urbanization has been taking over worldwide for the past few decades, with people moving to cities planning to be sustainable cities of the future.  The UN-Habitat estimates that since 2009, over three million people have moved into cities every week. Urban areas have been attractive destinations for migrants hoping to find a higher standard of […]

Smart cities

The dynamic shift brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it crucial for countries to adopt emerging technological trends to facilitate daily life, work and the economy. Smart city development has accelerated in response to change and urbanization, as digital solutions pave the way toward a more liveable future. The smart city landscape is […]

smart city

The digital revolution has presented remarkable opportunities for growth and has accelerated innovation in cities across the world. A smart city ecosystem can vastly improve areas such as mobility, communication, energy efficiency, buildings etc., achieved by comprehensive insights and management of big data.  Emerging smart city landscape Smart cities have gained importance since the emergence […]

Smart Cities

There already are smart cities located in different parts of the world. These cities utilize a confluence of sensors, information, and cyber algorithms to better the lives of city residents. The technology used by a smart city presents numerous benefits from the transport sector to the law enforcement division. Sensors at bus-stops can relay information […]

Edinburgh's progressive smart city transformation

More countries are embracing digital transformation and turning their cities “smart” to improve the efficiency of urban services, for a better quality of life. This requires the adoption of advanced technologies that can facilitate better data-driven decision-making, citizen and government engagement and  transport systems. Edinburgh Council, said in an announcement, that “It will extend its […]