Six rising tech companies you need to know about

Both business and public attitude towards Facebook and Google’s use of private and sensitive data is growing increasingly negative. Despite a multitude of privacy scandals, both continue develop more products to harness and sell personal information for a profit. Rising technology startups are now creating user-friendly products integrated with heightened privacy features in areas like […]

Deepfake installation inspires curiosity and concern

The annual World Economic Forum took place in Davos Switzerland this week, where a computer scientist – Professor Li, show cased his deepfake installation. Much the same as other deepfake installation software, his creates computer-manipulated videos of other people – mainly people in the spotlight like politicians or celebrities – that are intended to look […]

Deep Learning developments underway to support AI

For those who are not familiar with the term deep learning – this concept involves a more developed aspect of machine learning methods. It is related to algorithms inspired by the structure of the brain, to help construct artificial neural networks that involves multiple levels of representation. Deep learning explores artificial neural networks, using brain […]

The Global AI Challenge

Last year, the GSMA announced selected four mobile network operators, STC, Telenor, TELUS and Turkcell, as challenge leaders, to take part in the first GSMA Global AI Challenge. The Challenge investigated three specific areas: connectivity in rural areas, mobile energy efficiency and enhanced services in urban areas. The GSMA challenge is in partnership with The Alan […]

Security Vulnerabilities of Border Gateway Protocol

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a fundamental support system of the internet. It is designed to exchange routing and reachability info among autonomous systems on the internet. This important tool is essential for network stability. Security vulnerabilities of BGP can lead to heightened attack risks that can impact our businesses and many aspects of society. […]

Streaming Services – Stretching the scope of entertainment

TV streaming services, have unequivocally changed our viewing habits. Technical advances have significantly improved connectivity and convenience and the world of streaming has enabled people to customize their viewing experience to suit their area of interest. In the recent years, the rise of Netflix and other services have enticed us into a binge-watching culture, enjoyed […]

The Ambivalence of Digital Trade

Digital trade encompasses a broad spectrum of enabled transactions of trade in goods and services that can either be digitally or physically delivered. Digital trade is growing exponentially and is opening up new opportunities to the global community in both low- and high-income settings – allowing companies to sell more products across diverse markets. The […]

CES Gadgets - What’s hot in 2020!

The annual tech conference is the ideal environment for big names and startups to showcase their new creations and services for the year ahead. This year’s CES conference saw a surge in streaming services and surveillance technologies. SHARE THE AIR Uber and Hyundai are joining forces to build a fleet of flying taxis. Uber have […]