Telekom breaks contract shackles: customers get more freedom

Deutsche Telekom said it is discounting all its MagentaMobil Young tariffs for new customers for the entire contract period of 24 months.

With the Young tariffs S to L, young people save $11 per month, and $17 per month with MagentaMobil XL Young. With the Young S tariff, users receive an extra 1 GB per month for the entire contract period, and with the M tariff, customers receive another 3 GB.

If you want a new mobile phone contract, you have to commit yourself to the provider for 24 months – this has been the standard in the world of mobile communications up to now. With the abolition of the bondage contracts in the summer of this year, this rule already got cracks. Telekom is now breaking completely with it and is now also offering the MagentaMobil tariffs without a contract term.

“You can’t get more freedom!” Emphasizes the mobile operator in his press release. From October 5, 2021, Deutsche Telekom will be adding the new tariffs, called “MagentaMobil Flex”, to its range.

The addition “Flex” is supposed to stand for more freedom, a fair price and, according to the company, the excellent cellular network from Telekom.

From now on, Telekom customers can choose from three runtime models:

A mobile phone tariff without end device and without a minimum term. A mobile phone tariff without end device and a 24-month contract term. A mobile phone tariff with a device and a 24 months contract term.

All tariffs listed can surf the 5G network of Deutsche Telekom and are equipped with EU roaming, which also covers Switzerland and Great Britain. The MagentaMobil tariffs are comparatively expensive: The cheapest tariff, MagentaMobil S (Flex), costs 40 euros per month.

In addition, the Telekom requires a one-time deployment price of $46. The data volume for this entry-level tariff is 6 GB.

Existing customers of the MagentaMobil tariffs do not have the opportunity to switch to the flex options, Telekom confirmed when asked by heise online. A change is only possible after the contract period has expired.