Top Seven Companies Developing the Metaverse in 2022

Companies developing the metaverse

The word “metaverse” is the most popular in the worldwide tech market today. Big tech companies worldwide are racing for a piece of the virtual pie that analysts expect will be worth trillions.

Companies Developing the Metaverse are concentrating on creating new technologies and features that will allow users to communicate with one another more efficiently and effectively in the digital realm. These companies will be at the forefront of this future trend and will define how the Metaverse unfolds.

Let’s take a look at the top seven companies developing the Metaverse.


If the name wasn’t enough of an indicator, Meta is the primary business working on Metaverse. The company is making a massive network of real-time 3D virtual worlds where users and players may preserve their identity and payment history while participating, called Horizon Worlds. The company has revealed that it is working on a record-breaking supercomputer to power the Metaverse, capable of doing quintillions of operations per second. It has also chosen the European Union to develop Metaverse Technology in order to boost job creation in Europe.


No surprise for one of the most well-known names in the gaming industry, NVIDIA is one of the most important companies tackling the Metaverse market. It is heading a tool called Omniverse, designed for creating interoperable Metaverse-ready materials. NVIDIA is a well-known firm that is building Metaverse by assisting artists and content creators in creating virtual environments, goods, and customized avatars to bring their ideas to life. The company is involved in numerous collaborations bringing the Metaverse to life.

Epic Games

With a large wave of growth and innovation, Epic Games is at the center of the Metaverse. Epic Games has announced a one-million-dollar investment in Metaverse development in 2021, paving the way for game creators to explore a wide range of Web 3.0 possibilities, as well as investing in It’s also put money into Spire Animation Studios, which will allow the movement of interoperable narrative assets like characters, objects, and entire worlds and more into the Metaverse.


One of the companies at the forefront of the Metaverse, Microsoft, is developing a number of Metaverse-integrated applications with its Mesh platform. They are building a new augmented reality chipset in collaboration with Qualcomm, which is helping to provide the hardware and software fit for metaverse integration. Microsoft is taking a steady, incremental approach toward the perceived future of the internet and is integrating its technologies into practical tools used in business today.


Decentraland is a decentralized platform that any and all companies to provide their audiences with a Metaverse experience. Decentraland is developing a set of tools and applications to assist users in creating three-dimensional content, games, applications, and more that can be used, sold and traded within the platform. Virtual reality, app development, game creation, cryptocurrencies, and 3D art and design are all available through Decentraland.


As one of the most well knows, widely used, and admired platforms in the gaming industry, Unity has been helping game developers bridge the technology gap between their imagination and their players for years, perfecting their craft over time. It is no surprise that they would find solid footing in the Metaverse.

Unity offers a comprehensive tool kit of Metaverse software solutions for creating, running, and monetizing interactive, real-time 2D and 3D content for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and consoles. Unity has a research and development team of over 1,800 people that keeps up with the latest developments.


Roblox Corporation aims to create a creator economy, Metaverse, by providing an open gaming platform that allows users to create their own digital and interactive environments. It is gaining popularity as a means of developing a Metaverse business model. Within its platform, it offers a variety of games, some of which include virtual worlds where players can effectively and freely communicate with one another. This well-known Metaverse company has organized events for the entire world to enjoy, such as the Lil NasXConcert, and has most recently hosted Spotify on their Spotify Island.

Only time can tell who among these companies will become the biggest players in the Metaverse will be, but what we can conclude is that there is a pattern to be seen here. All these companies are aiming to become a central part of the infrastructure on which people and businesses create their own experiences and build communities. Those who follow this theme, and build around it, will inevitably be at the core of the future of the internet and reap the financial benefits that follow.


Meta, Nvidia, Epic Games, Roblox, Unity, Decentraland, Microsoft. All these companies are investing heavily in the future of the internet, establishing a firm presence in the Metaverse at its infancy through collaboration and technological innovation.

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