Epic Games

Epic’s ‘Failure of Proof’ in Apple Antitrust Case Questioned by Appeals Panel

“Fortnite” video game maker Epic Games on Monday asked a three-judge federal appeals panel to overturn portions of a lower court antitrust ruling that largely favored Apple Inc and its multibillion dollar App Store payment business. Attorneys involved expect up to nine months before a ruling from the panel, which signaled some doubts about Epic’s […]

Indonesia Blocks Yahoo, Paypal, Gaming Websites Over Licence Breaches

Indonesia has blocked search engine website Yahoo, payments firm PayPal and several gaming websites due to failure to comply with licensing rules, an official said on Saturday, sparking a backlash on social media. Registration is required under rules released in late November 2020 and will give authorities broad powers to compel platforms to disclose data […]

Top Seven Companies Developing the Metaverse in 2022

The word “metaverse” is the most popular in the worldwide tech market today. Big tech companies worldwide are racing for a piece of the virtual pie that analysts expect will be worth trillions. Companies Developing the Metaverse are concentrating on creating new technologies and features that will allow users to communicate with one another more […]

Epic explores Blockchain, NFT assets, after Steam ban

Famous gaming platform Epic Games plans to open its doors to blockchain-based payments on its store, following its rival’s announcement to ban blockchain technology and NFT assets on its platform, The Verge reports. Epic is considering the implementation of cryptocurrency technology into its platform, in addition to blockchain-based assets on its game store. The multinational gaming company […]

Apple-Epic Games lawsuit appealed by iPhone maker

One month after the U.S. federal court issued its verdict on the Apple-Epic games lawsuit, the iPhone maker filed on Friday an appeal that could potentially put on hold any adjacent lawful ruling on the matter. In the Epic vs. Apple case ruling, judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ruled that the Big Tech giant was indulging […]

Apple’s $100 million settlement alters App Store rules

Apple agreed on a settlement with a crew of developers in a class action lawsuit addressing the OS creator’s handling of its App Store, in addition to setting a $100 million fund to support U.S. developers earning less than $1 million. The settlement agreement clearly states that Apple holds direct responsibility towards its userbase by not clarifying […]

Epic Lawsuit reveals Google’s Play Store Anti-Competitor Programs

Documents revealed on Thursday in Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit against Google exhibit allegations of how the search engine giant conducted underground deals with other companies to sustain Google’s Play Store supremacy on the app ecosystem. Premier Device Program, the social network’s offer to Android manufacturers to give exclusive rights to adopt Google’s Play Store as […]