VodaBucks by Vodacom - redefining customer loyalty

New VodaBucks by Vodacom - redefining customer loyalty

Telco operators continue to explore ways to meet evolving consumer expectations. Today, customers search for communication services that provide relevant and meaningful solutions with an array of benefits.

Vodacom South Africa has introduced the VodaBucks Rewards Programme as a single platform that rewards customers for their loyalty to Vodacom.

How does it work? Free to join, the VodaBucks Rewards Programme gives customers a unified virtual currency every time they “achieve personalised behavioural goals” like buying specific bundles using the Just-4-You platform or downloading and engaging with the My Vodacom App.

While precise statistics are not available, but virtual currencies for mobile apps factor heavily into $50 billion of global in-app purchases in 2020, all virtual currencies are not created equal.

Customers can earn VodaBucks for the many things they already do, such as paying their Vodacom bill (including add-on data and voice bundles), and buying bundles with VodaPay, with a credit card or via the bank or retail store.

”As South Africans, we have our own unique set of socio-economic challenges,” Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Vodacom Consumer Business Unit said, “Which means our customers are looking to brands like ours to provide relevant and meaningful solutions that can ease their lives and offer financial relief. Our reimagined rewards programme is informed by consumer trends and aims to match our customers’ current lifestyle needs as we use this platform to show our appreciation to loyal customers.’

Banked VodaBucks can also be redeemed in the revamped VodaBucks Store, which now hosts a variety of categories, including fashion, electronics and appliances, travel and more.

In addition, Vodacom is offering its customers online educational vouchers to develop and enhance their skills. As well as providing healthy food options and fitness vouchers.