You Can Now Make Your WhatsApp Sticker Packs In-App

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WhatsApp finally introduced its new in-app sticker packs maker, six years after the initial introduction of stickers.

  • The new WhatsApp feature is currently available only for iOS 17+ users.
  • It allows them to create, edit, and share personalized stickers within the app.

On January 11th, WhatsApp announced its new in-app sticker maker feature, about six years after stickers debuted on the instant messaging app.

Exclusive to iOS 17+ as of now, the new WhatsApp feature allows users to create, edit, and share their own cool sticker packs directly within the app.

Before this development, iPhone users had only two options to make stickers for WhatsApp:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Methods: You copy the main object from an image and paste it into another one that doesn’t have a background. You, then, drag the background-less picture from the Photos app to WhatsApp.
  2. Third-Party Apps: Several apps out there let you make a sticker and then import it to WhatsApp.

The new feature is already available on WhatsApp Web, but what was the point? I don’t know anyone who opens the web version unless they are at work.

Back to the app. The new feature offers editing tools, including text, drawing, and the ability to overlay other stickers. It kind of reminds me of those meme makers back in the day when everyone and their mothers were making memes. Once a custom sticker is sent, it is automatically saved in the user’s sticker tray for convenient future use.

To create a sticker from an image, you simply need to open the sticker tray, select the “create sticker” option, and choose a photo from their gallery. The customization options include choosing a cutout, adding text, drawing on the image, or overlaying other stickers. Once the desired modifications are made, you can easily send your personalized sticker. You can make funny WhatsApp stickers, cute ones, animated ones, and anything else you want.

You can also edit all preexisting stickers. You open the sticker tray and long-press on the desired sticker. You then select the “edit sticker” option. Edit away, my friend.

I have a couple of questions for WhatsApp though. One, what’s with iOS favoritism? But that question is more of a personal grievance than anything. Two, what took you so long?

Stickers have been a thing since 2018, and the sticker boom happened what? 4 years ago, mid-pandemic? And it has taken them till now to give this feature?

WhatsApp really missed its window of opportunity here. I didn’t even know about the sticker maker on the web version because again, WHO USES IT?

I’m not about to tell the biggest messaging app in the world by monthly active users, engagement, global reach, and market share what to do. But maybe some qualified professionals and a litany of user surveys should?

Bottom line, thanks WhatsApp but next time, could you not take the better half of a decade to give us a follow-up feature?

This isn’t Avatar and you aren’t James Cameron.

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