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Telecommunication fiber optic cables shed light on thunderstorm activity

Thunderstorms and natural hazards are often powerful occurrences that may have adverse effects on humans and our environment. As we have seen, communities all over the world are increasingly affected by natural hazards which may include, wildfires, droughts, floods, tsunamis. Often, science and technology work hand in hand to help scientists explore and investigate nature […]

Privacy, once hidden topic, gets attention at CES tech show

By RACHEL LERMAN and JOSEPH PISANI Associated Press LAS VEGAS (AP) — Once a hidden and under-the-radar topic, privacy got more attention at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas this week. Startups now volunteer information about how they’re securing your data and protecting your privacy when you use their heart rate monitor or cuddly […]

Woven City: Toyota to build smart city

Japanese car firm Toyota, decided they couldn’t find a place to develop a smart city, so have decided to build their own. The global manufacturer has an ambitious plan to create a model smart city from the ground up – which will in essence become a real-life laboratory for building and testing new technologies and […]

The Ambivalence of Digital Trade

Digital trade encompasses a broad spectrum of enabled transactions of trade in goods and services that can either be digitally or physically delivered. Digital trade is growing exponentially and is opening up new opportunities to the global community in both low- and high-income settings – allowing companies to sell more products across diverse markets. The […]

Telefonica to allow 8,000 companies tinker with blockchain

Content written by: Ben Dover-Wilson Telefonica, entering the next phase of its transition into an archetypal DSP, has struck a partnership that provides 8,000 Spanish enterprises the chance to get to experiment and understand blockchain. Telefonica has collaborated with the Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE), which hosts these companies on 52 sites s […]

Breaking education barriers with instant network schools

The Vodafone Foundation has already helped bring quality education to thousands of refugee students across Africa and is now collaborating with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and expanding their efforts. Instant classroom is a free initiative and is a ‘school in a box’ concept aimed at providing technology that can be set […]

White House proposes guidelines for regulating the use of AI

By MATT O’BRIEN AP Technology Writer The Trump administration is proposing new rules to guide future federal regulation of artificial intelligence used in medicine, transportation and other industries. But the vagueness of the principles announced by the White House is unlikely to satisfy AI watchdogs who have warned of a lack of accountability as computer […]

US restricts exports of AI for analyzing satellite images

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. technology companies that build artificial intelligence software for analyzing satellite imagery will face new restrictions on exporting their products to China and elsewhere. The Commerce Department said new export rules take effect Monday that target emerging technology that could give the U.S. a significant military or intelligence advantage. A special license […]

Amazon workers clash with company over climate change

By JOSEPH PISANI AP Retail Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon employees say the company is threatening to fire workers for publicly pushing the company to do more to combat climate change. Amazon Employees For Climate Justice, a climate change advocacy group founded by Amazon workers, said Thursday that the company sent letters to members […]