Apple vs Epic

Epic’s ‘Failure of Proof’ in Apple Antitrust Case Questioned by Appeals Panel

“Fortnite” video game maker Epic Games on Monday asked a three-judge federal appeals panel to overturn portions of a lower court antitrust ruling that largely favored Apple Inc and its multibillion dollar App Store payment business. Attorneys involved expect up to nine months before a ruling from the panel, which signaled some doubts about Epic’s […]

The Elon Musk Apple Beef 

The whole world probably knows who Elon musk is. The wealthiest man on the planet with bold claims that he will put humanity on Mars. Besides his eccentric persona, Elon is known for his somewhat irrational tweets and prepositions. A while ago, the Elon Musk Apple connection fell off. With various tweets and responses between […]

U.S. Senate anti-discrimination bill weighs on Big Tech firms

On Thursday, a bipartisan entity of senators revealed plans to welcome a nondiscrimination bill as pressure rises on the U.S. Senate to legislate a new set of laws prohibiting tech platforms from preferencing the company’s commodities and services over their rivals. After months of negotiations and hearings, the Senate has finally spoken, and its latest […]

Google vs Epic Games, the unbounded feud

Once more, Epic Games comes across another counterattack from a Big Tech player, Google. The search engine giant countersued on Monday the gaming firm under allegations of violating its contract by welcoming an additional payment system to overtake the Play Store’s payment systems and its 30 percent in-app purchase commission. To those who do not […]

Apple-Epic Games lawsuit appealed by iPhone maker

One month after the U.S. federal court issued its verdict on the Apple-Epic games lawsuit, the iPhone maker filed on Friday an appeal that could potentially put on hold any adjacent lawful ruling on the matter. In the Epic vs. Apple case ruling, judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ruled that the Big Tech giant was indulging […]