Qatar World Cup 2022

The Bottleneck of Traffic Surge

Traffic surge can benefit your business by bringing in more consumers, increasing revenue, and improving website engagement. However, if your website is unprepared, a traffic surge could overwhelm your web server and cause catastrophic downtime that would harm your reputation, competitiveness, and financial situation. Business over-providing capacity for traffic surges brought on by planned or […]

Soccer-Argentina Win Incredible World Cup Final in Shootout

Argentina won their third World Cup in an extraordinary final on Sunday as they beat France 4-2 on penalties after Lionel Messi scored twice in a 3-3 draw and Kylian Mbappe grabbed a hat-trick to bring the holders back from 2-0 and 3-2 down. It was an incredible night of drama, high emotion and fluctuating […]

Ooredoo: Networking Greatness

A significant event such as the most prominent sports tournament in the world requires a lot of telecommunication work. Such an event would put immense pressure on the network. Fans woud be sharing the updates as they happen. This peak demand for communication requires intricate planning and efficient management to ensure quality. Maintaining this quality […]

QNB's Masterclass Performance

Qatar is hosting the most significant event in the world currently. Across all sectors, everyone is doing their part to ensure the world witnesses the greatness of Qatar. The choice was almost already made in the conversation on whom to pick to be a partner and handle the financial aspect of the tournament. QNB fits […]

Who Benefits from the WorldCup

With more than half of the world’s population expected to watch the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, football presents a chance for sponsors to boost their brands. Businesses get ready for the tournament every four years by developing innovative marketing strategies. For the first time, an Arab country is hosting the tournament. The Qatar World […]

Cybersecurity During the Fifa World Cup 2022

With billions of worldwide Fifa World Cup viewers, it is a gold mine for hackers and malicious actors to exploit. Football fans aren’t the only ones tuned in to see some of the world’s top players fight for the title of 2022 champions. These eye-catching events also pique the interest of cyber threat actors with […]

Football as a World Builder: The Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision

When Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina last week, shock and elation hit every connected device in the world within seconds. This wasn’t in the Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision. Shock, because in footballing terms, isn’t it the shark that’s meant to eat the minnow?  And elation because every now and then, sport reminds us of how wonderfully […]