The Matrix Reality: Maybe we are Living in A Simulation After All

The matrix reality

Before you start reading, I want to warn you that this article contains information that will make you doubt the matrix reality.

Put on your VR headset because you’re about to enter the truthful reality. While putting on the VR headset, you’re going to enter a new world of reality that tricks your mind and consciousness. What if the whole universe was a simulation? Have you questioned the nature of your reality? Look in front of you right now, all these things that you’re seeing can as well be seen when you’re putting the VR headset on. So, let’s start from the beginning of the universe when there was no space or time. If you asked a scientist, what was there before the universe was created? All his theories will lead to one thing, which is confusion. Let me give you another theory from a technology perspective that will provide you with a logical and clear explanation of the reality.

What’s Real?

VR games are proof that the consciousness of human mind cannot distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. The simulation theory proposes that an advanced civilization has created a highly sophisticated computer program. This program works on virtual reality simulated world that is indistinguishable from our reality. This virtual world is inhabited by conscious beings, just like us, unaware that they are part of a simulation. This idea raises some interesting questions about the nature of reality, consciousness, and the limits of technology.

If you’re still convinced that technology is not the key to our reality, then let’s look at the technological advancement that happened in these 20 years. The rapid advancement of technology in recent years is a proof that our life is dependent on technology and is based on bigger technological advancements. Suppose technology continues to develop at the same rate. In that case, it is possible that we will create a computer program that is capable of simulating an entire universe within the next few decades. This means that if we can create a virtual universe, we may be already living in one, and a higher technologically advanced civilization created us. 

According to the drake equation, there should be over a million technologically advanced civilizations in our galaxy, and the nearest one should be just a few hundred light years away. This raises a lot of questions: where is everybody? Does our program only focus on us? Is this a simulated matrix reality? 

Are We Living in an Artificial Reality?

Is the reality a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control? Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the reality you believed to be true was nothing more than a carefully crafted illusion. It’s a shocking and unsettling realization, but one that is increasingly being debated in academic circles – are we living in an artificial reality?

The idea that our reality is a simulation is not a new one. The concept has been explored in science fiction for decades, but recent technological advances have made it a more plausible theory. The argument goes that if we can create virtual worlds that are indistinguishable from reality, then it’s possible that our own reality is just a more advanced version of the same technology.

One of the key arguments in favor of the simulation theory is that technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. If we continue to develop at the same rate, we could create a computer program that can simulate an entire universe within the next few decades. This means that if we can create a virtual universe, it’s possible that we’re already living in one.

Another argument in favor of the simulation theory is the anthropic principle. This principle states that the universe appears to be perfectly fine-tuned for human life, which suggests that it was designed with us in mind. However, if we live in a simulation, this could explain why the universe appears so perfectly suited for human life. The creators of the simulation of the matrix reality may have designed it to be that way.


Let’s put on again our VR headsets. Reality and consciousness, by definition, are the state of being awake and living in a certain situation. While we’re in the VR game, everything seems real, from the view we’re looking at to the movements we’re doing. The shocking similarity between the VR game and reality is that they’re both controlled by one thing: the brain. What’s more shocking is that we cannot tell the difference between VR games and matric reality.

Have you ever recently seen a picture you saw ten years ago and doubted that something has changed? The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has been gaining traction in recent years, and many people believe that it is proof that we are living in a simulation. The Mandela Effect is a collective misremembering of a particular event or detail. For example, many people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, even though he died in 2013. This collective misremembering has led some to question the nature of reality and whether we are living in a simulated world.

Moreover, the Mandela Effect being proof of a simulation is that it suggests that our memories are not infallible. If our memories are not completely reliable, then how can we be sure that our experiences are real? The idea is that if we live in a simulation, the glitches that lead to the Mandela Effect could result from errors in the programming. These glitches could be a sign that we are living in a simulated reality that is not perfect and that there are flaws in the code.

Furthermore, the Mandela Effect is evidence that we live in a multiverse or parallel universe. The idea is that our consciousness is not limited to a single universe, and we are capable of experiencing different versions of reality. If this is true, then the Mandela Effect could be a result of our consciousness shifting between different universes or realities. This will cause us to remember events or details that didn’t happen in the current reality we are experiencing.

Final Thoughts

All these thoughts can give a logical explanation of the matrix reality that has always been questioned. However, with all this technological advancement, we have come so far to know the truth. Sooner or later, technology will reach a place where it will help in solving the mystery of earth and why we are here. 

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