Top Chinese startups against COVID-19

Top Chinese startups against COVID-19

While some countries in the world successfully emerge from the current COVID-19 pandemic, some other countries remain behind. China has successfully fought its way out of the pandemic, Inside Telecom breaks down some of the most prominent Chinese startups against COVID-19.

OneSight provides BIM and AR visualization services for building constructions. Via AR, hardware deployment and positioning technology, remote projects can be carried out which in turn reduces field supervision work on the actual construction site.

Another one of the Chinese startups against COVID-19 is ZhenRobitcs. The unmanned patrol and temperature measuring robot can be utilized in hospitals, schools, government agencies, and in public places. Its core functionalities are autonomous mobility, 3D environmental awareness, in-situ steering, outdoor and indoor compatibility, voice interaction, real time video monitoring, intelligent video analysis, and thermal insulation.

Skysys is a Chinese company that offers drones, mobile drone hangars, and data analysis services, with a focus on offering “fly-free” drone operational management solutions.

Huaxia Chunsong (Chatopera), utilizes AI technology and integrates a wide variety of chat robot production methods to create an automated management interface that achieves rapid deployment of solutions. It has many purposes, as it can be used for medical resource consultation, omni-channel intelligent customer service, and feedback data collection.

TechSun offers a smart car dealership showroom solution based on computer vision technology. It is able to collect and properly identify customer charecteristics via the camera and can generate user portraits         that help customers obtain model information online and who can even register for a test drive.

Taobatics are a Chinese company that manufacture autonomous robots for supermarkets located in China that help brands advertise and promote their products in store. The startup employs a talented team of robotics experts, and they claim that people are seven times more probable to purchase a product if it comes from a robot than via in-store sales help.

oiBP is another Chinese company that utilizes intelligent decision making schemes for a retail company’s products and supply chain. It provides business owners a refined management report that will help in improving the efficiency of resource allocation and optimization.