Why Attend Web Summit 2022

Web Summit 2022

Web Summit Lisbon started as Dublin Web Summit. It is an annual tech conference that has shaped up to be the most prominent technology conference where all the innovators of the global tech world meet. It brings together major players in the tech field with participants ranging from fortune 500 companies to tech startups. Web Summit Lisbon has been taking place in Portugal since 2015 and will continue until 2028. So, why should every entrepreneur and CEO attend or have a booth at web summit 2022? 

Who Will Be There? 

Web Summit Lisbon is a startup magnet and also a blockchain conference. You’ll meet like-minded people who will surely give you valuable insights. They are facing the same challenges and have the same goal. Founders will also rush to be there, seeking to gain exposure, land investments and partnership, or simply networking. Some very influential and successful speakers will also attend. This includes CEOs of some of the most wildly successful names who will share their valuable experiences with the attendees. Investors will be snooping around to find the next big thing, and you’ll never know. It might be you. The cream of the crop of management of startups and large-scale names will be attending alongside the enthusiasts alike. 

Why You Should Be There 

Web summit can be a make-it-or-break-it event for some. With all the great opportunities present there to walk out with clients and partners and a chance to be around leaders of the business technology world, it is an event you’d want to be part of. Here are some key reasons : 

  • A chance to network 

The whos who of the tech world and fellow startups attending Web Summit 2022 will be your chance to network and connect with exciting people from all over the globe. Web Summit is the perfect environment for you to pitch to potential customers and partners in the hopes of gaining a global audience. 

  • Attract investment 

If you choose the ALPHA package, you can access investor hours, startup workshops, and the infamous PITCH competition. With venture capitalists (VC) and investors taking part in the three-day event, you have a high chance of walking away with potential funding. Presenting on a global platform such as Web Summit allows you to be noticed by tech influencers who will want to experience your product and become potential partners. 

  • A significant advantage  

Taking part in Web Summit 2022 is that it has the power to positively shift your life and business direction. It is the major tech conference in the world, loaded with some of the greatest tech minds of the century; there’s nothing but learning you can hope for! 

  • Learning from leaders 

Hearing influential speakers share their journey or attending PITCH to check what other innovative businesses in the business technology field are doing will inspire and amaze you. One thing is sure. You’ll leave the event filled with inspiration and buzzing with creative ideas. 

How to Find Potential Investors at Web Summit 2022? 

Investors are all around youat Web Summit. They’re usually easy to spot in certain investor areas or by looking at the lanyards. However, reaching out to them beforehand and contacting them way before the technology conference happens is recommended. If you want specific VCs to fund your project, you will need to: 

  1. Create pitch decks for them. 
  1. Don’t create them for anyone and generalize. The funders will only invest in the niche they know best. 
  1. Remember the names and faces of the representatives of the funds and book meetings one to three months prior.  

Sometimes the investors might find you on their own and stop by your booth. They come to Web Summit to work and look at what it offers. Always have the relevant data and numbers ready. If finding an investor is your ultimate goal for Web Summit, it can help to include attractive project stats in the description on the board. After all, they are more lenient and drawn to numbers than words. The follow-up part is also crucial as it sets the stage for what’s to come.  

Extra Tips 

Web Summit 2022 can be a very demanding event. Sleep well to guarantee your energy is saved and you are ready for what’s to come. Keep in mind you’ll be standing a lot and walking excessively so bring the comfiest shoes with you and any meds you think will help you. Get your tickets earlier to make sure you can find a place and not worry about last-minute hiccups. Research your leads. They will appreciate it if you talk to them and know more about their background. 

Final Thoughts 

Web Summit 2022, like anything, has its pros and cons. It’s all based on your expectations versus the price of a ticket. Generally, however, it’s an event worth attending, especially for tech industry professionals and startups looking to attract investors. So, when you are calculating the cost of attending the Web Summit, make sure you craft a plan to optimize your networking and learning opportunities. Build a game plan and ensure you get the exposure you want for yourself or your business. For investors, attending Web Summit can be very rewarding. You can’t find a more significant tech event that offers the same depth of startup talent and emerging tech innovations. A bonus side Night Summit, the after-hours fun Web Summit offers. It is excellent because no one knows how to throw a party like Lisbon. 

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