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Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Real Steps Toward Virtual Leaps

With its promise to bring forth endless opportunities in social connections, mobility, and intertwining the physical world with the virtual one, the metaverse will open new economic ventures of all scales, and city is riding the wave towards its next technological advancements with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. The City of Gold announced plans to work […]

The Impact of Dubai's 4.5 Work Week

The UAE’s announcement that the nation would go to a 4.5-day workweek was a turning point. Still, according to reports from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the decision is already paying off. Experts spoke on a panel about the advantages of a four-day workweek at the WEF in Davos, Switzerland. Emphasizing how flexible work […]

Dubai Metaverse Assembly: Main Takeaways

Technology experts, members of the metaverse community, and representatives of significant businesses gathered at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly to examine prospects and strategies for realizing the metaverse’s promise. Dubai’s metaverse plan, which seeks to boost the Emirate’s economy by $4 billion and add 40,000 employees, was already made public. Since the announcement in July 2022, […]

All About Cybercrime in Dubai in a Nutshell

One of the greatest rates of regional digital adoption may be seen in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), but consequently, has seen a proportional increase of cybercrime in Dubai and the surrounding areas. The World Digital Report 2021 provided information on 43 nations’ web-based lifestyles in 2020, including the UAE. In the past year, UAE […]

Are Electronics Cheaper in Dubai?

Dubai is known to the world as a shopping heaven. People visit the city with one suitcase and leave with two and a half. If you are living in Dubai or visiting from abroad, you will probably be wondering if it would be a good idea to upgrade your electronics while you are tee, surrounded […]

Startups in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Startups in Dubai could not hope to be in a better spot on Earth. The UAE prides itself on being the startup business hub of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region and is and has been doing everything in its power to encourage businesses to come and set up shop in the country. […]

Drones Will Soon Energize Dubai's Food Industry

In the 1990s, the internet took the world by storm and vitalized the e-commerce industry. A couple of decades later, drones are set to elevate the food industry. Interest in Drone technology is surging in UAE, and Dubai is pioneering it, so how are drones used in the Dubai food industry? Can Drones Deliver Food? […]

The Dubai IoT Plan of the Future

A pioneering vision to promote satisfaction for all residents of Dubai through a continuous commitment to innovation driven by the endless possibilities delivered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Dubai’s IoT plan for the future is directing the city on an accelerated progressive path to realizing unprecedented advancements in the quality of life, service efficiency, frictionless experiences, […]

Driverless Cars in Dubai are Coming Sooner than Expected

In the coming decade, Dubai’s transportation will undergo a significant change. Driverless cars in Dubai will soon become a common reality, and transportation is poised to undergo a revolution brought on by autonomous vehicles and other types of vehicles. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a leader in research and development (R&D) and technology, has taken […]

Dubai's Sustainable City: All you Need to Know

Environmental sustainability is the modern era’s dragon, and Dubai’s sustainable city is the country’s latest attempt at slaying it. Sustainable urban planning is still receiving attention as a result of worries about climate change, renewable energy, clean air, and water. The Sustainable City Dubai is another eco-friendly project added to Dubai in response to climate […]