Shaking Up Apples’ Browser for EU Users

Browser Market

Apple will allow developers to use other browser engines for Apples’ web browsers on iPhone within the European Union (EU). This complies with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Thus, users in the EU will have access to substitutes in the browser market that aren’t controlled by Apple’s WebKit engine.

Since iPhone users have only access to the WebKit engine, thus hindering the features compared to other platforms. This limitation generates multiple issues; users can’t have the freedom to choose which browser, thus having limited options beyond Safari.

That is unfair to Safari, since Apple controls the whole implementation process of any browser that runs on iPhone devices. Again, Safari is being sat on, given that it has permitted the ability to display videos in full screen; on the other hand, other browsers are banned from doing so, except on iPad.

Anyways, the allowance of Apple’s web browsers for EU improves Safari’s experience and attracts more users from its integration with Apple devices and its unique features, maintaining a strong market share in the browser landscape.

This increases competition and browser diversity, thus improving the overall web browsing for iPhone users in the EU. So, users may benefit from features that aren’t available on iOS browsers. The features include full-screen video, extensions, and improved web app integration.

Why Only to EU?

Apple is changing its web-browsing experience, revolutionizing it, firstly by not forcing EU users to use its browser, WebKit. Okay, all is great and everything.


One question that triggered my mind, why just the EU? This raises questions about whether Apple will expand this change to users outside the EU. Is it because for only the 27 member countries it consists of: Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, etc. Or is it a testing phase for only such countries?

By that, Apple is avoiding potential fines, penalties, and sanctions to cooperate with regulators. What a move, Apple.

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