NASA on Tuesday said it had picked U.S. rocket builder Firefly Aerospace to put a lander on the moon’s far side in 2026, under a nearly $112 million contract. “The commercial lander will deliver two agency payloads, as well as communication and data relay satellite for lunar orbit, which is an ESA (European Space Agency) […]

First Man-Made Object in Space

As humanity approaches a new space exploration stage and is getting ready to send human-crewed flights to Mars using the Moon as an intermediary base, many people glance back to the 20th-Century space race, trying to evaluate our previous advances in this area. As to who put the first man-made object in space question, most […]

Will Humans Make it to Mars

Conquering space, inhabiting planets, some elusive dreams that broke the hearts of many generations of aficionados and scientists. Probably, this endeavor has been waiting for a crazy person, a genius willing to embrace the risk to achieve what no one came close to achieving. The same person who launched the era of autonomous vehicles with his […]

SpaceX Capsule

The third long-duration astronaut team launched by SpaceX to the International Space Station (ISS) safely returned to Earth early on Friday, splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida to end months of orbital research ranging from space-grown chilies to robots. The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule dubbed Endurance, carrying three U.S. NASA astronauts and […]

Chinese Astronauts Land on Earth

Three Chinese astronauts returned to earth on Saturday after 183 days in space, state television reported, completing the country’s longest crewed space mission to date. The astronauts landed nine hours after they left a key module of China’s first space station. While in orbit, the Shenzhou-13 mission astronauts took manual control in the Tianhe living […]