Ministry of Science and Technology (Ethiopia)

A humanitarian crisis is taking place in the Horn of Africa. The shadow of the worst drought in decades is about to take the lives of millions. Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya struggle to find enough food to eat. Millions have fled their homes, especially after the prediction of a dry raining season. This famine is […]

Ethiopia state-owned operator Ethio Telecom missed its H1 revenue target by 13.6 percent, primarily because of the ongoing military conflict in the country.   As such, the operator racked up a total of $561 billion between July 1 to December 31, which is 86.4 percent oaf its target, but it pointed out this is a year-on-year […]

Kenyan operator Safaricom announced, late last week, plans to invest an initial $600 million in Ethiopia, as the telecom company looks to begin moving in its operations within the country following the liberalization of its telecoms sector. Safaricom’s chief executive Peter Ndegwa has suggested an expense of between $1.5 billion and $2 billion will be […]

The ongoing armed conflict in Ethiopia has led Safaricom, whose license-winning consortium in the country gives permissions for operations to begin next year, has reportedly evacuated its employees. Safaricom plans were expanding to the point where it had seconded staff to run Ethiopian operations for products and network development, that were in readiness to begin […]

The Ethiopian Communications Agency (ECA) disclosed Tuesday that it has once again welcomed a request for a second license for national telecoms with a lower than anticipated price margin, due to be issued in January of next year. Ethiopia’s government revealed that any submitted proposal for the second license must be presented by December 20 […]

The slow process of releasing Ethiopia’s telecom market has finally reached an end with the licensing of East Africa’s Safaricom-led Global Partnership for Ethiopia’s consortium, granting the company a seat at the table to empower the government’s telecom services. Ethiopia is one of the last two countries in Africa to augment its national telco services […]

Ethiopia will allow the Safaricom-led consortium to offer mobile money services throughout the country, signaling the end of Ethio Telecom’s monopoly over the service, local media reported late last week.   This step follows the government’s announcement earlier last week of re-opening bidding on second operator license including the right to operate mobile financial services.  Previously, any new entrant was barred from offering any mobile money based […]

South Africa’s MTN have expressed their unlikeliness to resubmit a bid to enter Ethiopia’s telecoms market, Bloomberg reported citing sources familiar with the matter.   The company’s possible move, came after Ethiopia announced earlier this week plans to re-open bidding on second operator license including the right to operate mobile financial services.  This comes as a surprise to many, as […]